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Management Term Paper On Collaborative Strategic Sourcing (Term Paper Sample)


Getting internal customers involve with the strategic process can help different areas in the company such as finance, accounting, engineering and etc.


Collaborative Strategic Sourcing
Customers are not only limited to the persons that come to a business premises, place orders on the phone or even through the online portals. The term customers also include the persons that make the company operations a success on a daily basis. While the external customer will buy goods and services from the organization, the internal customer on the other hand is one that relies on the assistance of another to fulfil their duties for the organization (Earl, 2017). These are duties that could range from marketing, sales accounting and engineering among others. For example, a sales representative who need assistance from a customer services representative at the company to be in a position to place an order for a client, is considered an internal customer (Earl, 2017). While the internal customers do not need to buy any products or services from the company, they have a very subtle role in the success of the company. More importantly, it is common for the business owners to take more interest in the external customers and neglect the role that the internal customers have on the business. It is important to note that, businesses that focus on their internal customers tend to have better relations with their externa customers. This is relative to the fact that the internal customers are the backbone of the company. Any of the policies that have to be implemented at any given time have to be through the internal customers. As such, giving them, the appropriate attention is thus an essential element of the enhancing the business processes and by extension the success of the company (Gopal, 2015). This is mostly the case when it is considered under the strategic processes of management. It is important for managers to make sure that they have the right attention to the business process, when considering the internal customers. Ideally, it is the internal customers that are going to be interacting with the strategic processes that are developed within the company. The success or the failure of the processes is dependent on the readiness of the internal customers and their commitment to implement the same at any given time and stage of the processes. Strategic processes are associated with long term plans and may span from three to five years. As such, managers have to make sure that they have their teams ready to take up the changes towards the established goals. Like the name suggests, the strategies have to be broken down into strategic steps. There is a chronological approach associated with the strategies, from the time the goals are identified to the time that they are implemented. Throughout all the processes, the managers have to make sure they are able to achieve better performance by the end of the entire process. This paper analyses how the management can involve the internal customers in the strategic processes within the different aspects of the company such as accounting, finance, marketing, engineering, manufacturing among others to make the best improvement in the performance scales.
The Customer
Most of the businesses will concentrate on the customers that come to the enterprises physically, visit the online portals or even make orders from their phone lines. This is relative to the fact that, traditionally, customers buying products and services from a business have been the focal point of any business. The ability to attract and maintain the highest number of customers coming to buy goods and services has been a main aim of most of the companies. This is tied to the core element of making profits, as the main goal for most of the businesses (Earl, 2017). As such, even the vast amount of the research material available it focused on the a...

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