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The Difference Between Adult and Children Endocrine System (Term Paper Sample)


The difference between adult and children/neonate endocrine system.


Differences between the Adult and the Infant Endocrine System
Differences between the Adult and the Infant Endocrine System
The endocrine system is a complex amalgamation of hormone secreting glands that are spread across the body. Since they are interconnected, the glands affect nearly each cell and the manner in which the body functions. The glands work in sync to control emotions, growth of the body, tissue function and sexual growth. The endocrine system of a body is quite different from that of a child and this explains why there are fundamental differences between the body of an infant and that of an adult. This paper examines the difference between the endocrine system of an adult and that of an infant.
One of the major glands of the endocrine system is the adrenal glands. The adrenal gland is located on top of each kidney and is tasked with controlling metabolism, kidney function, blood pressure, heart movements and the manner in which the body responds to stress. This gland is also responsible for controlling the immune system as well as the sexual growth and activity. The gland is also responsible for controlling the impacts of insulin in breaking down body sugars for energy (Crews & McLachlan, 2006).
The adrenal glands in infants are quite different from that of adults. In infants, the adrenal weigh .29% of the total body weight which is quite extraordinary when compared with the adult glands which are only .014% of the total body weight. The adrenal glands keep on shrinking with the passage of time and by the third week after birth the total mass reduces by 50% of its total weight. Despite its large size, the adrenal system in young children is not well developed and hence the child cannot do most of the things that adults are capable of doing. The adrenal glands in young children only control hormones that help in controlling the body metabolic system but as time passes, the glands b...
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