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Artfact: Invention of the Fishing Net Research Assignment (Term Paper Sample)


What represents you? Could it be a fossil, a clock, a fishing net, or an orchid? Perhaps you’re like a Maserati (scale model), an eagle (figurine or plush animal), or a kaleidoscope. Maybe you’re magical (cape, wand) or adventuresome (rope, compass). So here you are at the beginning of a communication course and you are being asked to give a speech! You may be thinking it’s a bit soon, right? Well, it’s essential to jump right in and get started. This is a fun speech where you deliver a 3-5 minute presentation on an artifact of your choice that best represents / introduces you to your peers. The artifact should be carefully selected and hold special meaning to you. You may use notecards and powerpoint (optional), as well as show us your chosen artifact (mandatory). Is the item too large? Take a photo, and project it. The questions to answer in your introduction speech are: 1.What is the artifact you have selected? 2.Why does this artifact best represent you? DON’T use a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, controlled substance, or any weapon as your artifact. Try to think of something unusual (rather than coffee cups, backpacks, books, baseball caps, lighters, medical devices, keys, etc.). 1. Content • We want to hear something about you and your life. Choose an aspect of yourself as your “topic” and develop three main points with supporting details and examples. • You will talk about how your chosen artifact epitomizes you. This is where you can get creative! For example ~ a troll doll that someone gave you because they decided it’s just like you, a pair of socks that are cozy and bright like your personality ~ the artifact must be relevant to your main points about yourself, must be appropriate for a classroom talk, and chosen to enhance and illustrate your speech. • It is important not to narrow your talk too much in this case. Few people care to listen to a speech on advanced glockenspiel techniques. REMEMBER ~ you are the subject! The artifact is just a symbol about you. •You may wish to use humor in your speech; that is fine. But beware! Humor is only effective when it is well done. It should flow naturally with the speech rather than be contrived. Make sure your humor is appropriate and not offensive to anyone. •Finally, it is important to “paint” a word picture with colorful, vivid, and descriptive language. 2.Organizing your speech • Your speech should have three parts - an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. •Your first job in the introduction is to get the attention and interest of your audience. You could do this by telling a story, asking a question or making a startling statement. The objective here is to create a dramatic, vibrant opening that will get your audience to want to hear more. In addition to gaining interest, the introduction should also orient your listeners toward the subject matter of your speech. •You are now ready to move into the body of your speech. In many speeches the body seems to organize itself. As you have been assigned to tell a story about yourself, it might be logical to use chronological order, or a topical organization structure. • The conclusion should end on a clear, clean, and strong note! If possible, you should aim to end on a dramatic, clever, or thought-provoking comment. Don’t allow yourself to be too bashful. Have fun with this speech! 3. Outlining the speech •Create an outline for your speech, following the template. • The outline should be in complete sentences and should clearly follow your speech. • All Roman numerals, letters and numbers are to be included. Indent as shown. •The items in parentheses ( ) are to be replaced with your words. 4. Typical Delivery Troubles (be careful!) •Volume – too soft to be heard and understood all the way in back •Choppy, meandering – lack of preparation & practicing •Shifting – rocking back and forth, twisting legs together, fidgeting •Eye contact – not looking at audience, or only looking at one person •Vocalized pauses – “Ummm, uh, yeah, so, you know, and stuff, er....” •Ineffective transitions – “so, my object is...” •Ineffective conclusions – “well, I guess that’s it/that’s all” •Speed – talking too fast (usually) •Posture – slouching, trying to lean against something, hands in pockets This is the example of outline. My out line should be fishing net which is represent me. Ballard Visualize Me Artifact: Pet Rock Have you ever wished for four million dollars? Me too. And I would like to get that money almost magically, with little effort or outlay. Well, I am not the only one! Once upon a time, in the 1970s, a fellow was musing about how difficult it was to take care of a pet. In a sudden flash, he thought of the perfect answer: a rock! He wrote a manual about the care of a Pet Rock, created and manufactured a miniature cardboard crate with breathing holes and a soft bed of straw inside, and put a smooth stone inside. This was the original Pet Rock that became a craze that swept the United States in 1975. I still have one, because I thought it was the dumbest idea but it made millions of dollars for the inventor! So, it is a symbol to me of irony. But enough about the rock, let’s talk about me! Let me tell you how I am like and how I am unlike my Pet Rock. I. The Pet Rock has several physical characteristics that are similar to mine. A. It is smooth and rounded. 1. I am smooth and rounded. 2. I like smooth round objects, such as pearls and marbles. 3. I like a smooth attitude. B. It likes the beach ~ in fact, it came from a beach in Mexico. 1. I grew up near a beach. 2. I absolutely love the ocean and really miss it, like my rock must. 3. The ocean water shaped me just as it shaped my rock. C. It is kind of gray in color. 1. They say that people look like their pets. 2. This rock is remarkably like me, as I am getting older and older. 3. My hair (and my mind!) are getting greyer and greyer. Now that we’ve examined the outward aspects of the Pet Rock, let’s move on to intangible qualities. II. The Pet Rock has some personality characteristics that are like mine. A. It is smooth, mellow, and tame. 1. I am mellow and not too prickly or cranky. 2. I try to be diplomatic and not bruise anyone (unlike a wild rock). 3. I have become very domesticated over the years. B. It is stubborn but loyal. 1. I am intractable, once I have made a decision based on good reasons. 2. Sometimes I want my way and I can be just like “talking to a brick wall.” 3. This stubbornness also means I am a devoted and loyal friend. C. There are challenges that make it difficult to train. 1. While the rock can “sit” and “stay” it doesn’t really “come” on command. 2. I also will happily “stay,” especially in a location I like! 3. I admit I’ve been a slow learner about some things ~ yes, like the rock. So, those are ways in which my Pet Rock and I are similar. In what ways are we different? III. There are quite a few ways in which we differ. A. I have hobbies! 1. My rock doesn’t have hobbies; it’s very staid. 2. I like to shop, talk on the phone, and play with my dog; my rock does not. 3. I like to travel; my rock does not. B. I like to eat! 1. I love lasagna and chocolate éclairs, for example, but my rock doesn’t! 2. I MUST eat to live; however, my rock does not. 3. I eat about six times a day because I’m just like that; no, my rock does not! C. We have some personality differences, too. 1. My rock is stoic; I am not. 2. My rock is steady, I am not. 3. My rock is boring; I am very witty and hilariously funny. And those are just a few of the ways we are similar and different! Now that we’ve heard about the similarities and differences between my Pet Rock and me, let me end by reminding you of some of my personal characteristics ~ I am not only smooth and grey, but I am solid, predictable, loyal, and I have a lot of cool hobbies. And don’t forget how very hilarious I am too. Thank you! Please make outline by using this example. Please represent me as Fishing net Because I have a lot of common things with fishing net. Fishing net is catching fish. I like swimming, fish. and techniques to solve the problem. Assume the difference between people and fishing net. And also try to mention in outline the similarity between people and fishing net. Please make sure the introduction, body and conclusion is attract the audeance


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October 7, 2016
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They say that there are plenty of fish in the ocean, once you lose the opportunity to reel one, you just try again and again until you find one. In my opinion, this artifact – a fishing net – perfectly describes my personality (literally and figuratively). I like to fish, swimming, “fairness” in treating other people, and getting the ‘big catch’. Read further to know what makes me a fishing net.
Firstly, I believe that I’m a fishing ne...
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