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UDO Mobile Application: PART of Group paper (Term Paper Sample)


Use the PPT to write the description of the proposed system, the problem the system solves, plan for the project (timeline and tasks).


UDO Mobile Application
UDO Mobile Application
UDO is a platform that is created with the student in mind. Most of the time, students will find that they do not have the time to do some of the activities that they consider tedious chores. The platform is offering the students a chance to get their chores done at a small fee. The services will be availed through the creation of a mobile application that will be accessed through small screens such as those of a mobile phone. This way the students will be in a position to access it from anywhere, as long as they have their mobile phones with them and they have stable internet connection. To make sure the students have easy access to the service from their phones, there is a free application. This means that any students is free to download the application to the phones at no fee. It is also going to be available on both the android and iOS platforms to make it more versatile for students, without locking out any of the mobile platforms. Using the application users will be able to post the tasks that they want completed and they will then get a quote, or pick tasks that they can complete and get paid.
The startup is currently based off Buffalo University and it is targeting the college students. The application is also projecting to target the SUNY systems with a total of 64 campuses on the scope and an estimat

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