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Reflection Video: Futurism Art Movement (Essay Sample)


These assignments are designed to reinforce concepts, themes, and works of art and/or art movements discussed in lecture. Responses to the selected videos are not meant to be a finished essay; instead, these paragraph-length entries must demonstrate comprehension of the main ideas and themes presented in the video. In this essay, each video reflection has their own title which is same as the video and a minimum 125word response.

1. Otto Dix. DER KRIEG ("WAR") The Dresden Triptych

2. Simon Schama's Picasso_1 of 4

3. Futurism - Guggenheim exhibition (2014)

4. 1913 | "Contrast of Forms" by Fernand Léger

5. Marcel Duchamp clip from The Shock of the New (1982)

6. Salvador Dalí's "The Persistence of Memory" (1931)



Reflection Video
In the ever-changing world of art, new forms of culture, new concepts, and prospective ideas are usually formed; this is what gave birth to the futurism art movement. Futurism emerged in the first decade of the nineteenth century as part of artistic excitement majorly influenced by the intellectual life in Europe. Futurism was a new expression of technological revolution and modern life which demonstrated the beauty of machines, speed, change, and violence.
Futurists were fascinated by the idea of changing the world; however, they did not spread their ideas in America until recently when an exhibition at Guggenheim was initiated. The exhibition theme "The Italian Futurism, 1909

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