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Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City (Coursework Sample)


For this assignment, each student should seek out one or more examples of art in the real world and create a brief report about the experience. The definition of what constitutes an art event is relatively broad; you could attend an exhibition opening, a lecture, a film screening, a play, a concert, etc. There are always many opening on final fridays in Wichita--if you're not in Wichita other options that are local to you will work. The Ulrich, The Clayton Staples Gallery, and The Cadman Gallery are good places to see exhibitions on campus and The Wichita Art Museum is also a good Wichita option. If there are questions about what is suitable as an art event please ask. The report should be around 250 words minimum and include one or more pieces of documentation. The easiest way to do this is to just snap a picture of whatever you find interesting (photos don't need to be anything special; a phone snapshot is fine). Other examples of documentation could be programs, flyers, ticket stubs, press clippings, etc. The example linked here is one I wrote last year. Your writing can be straightforward, but should include some discussion of the relationship between the art you're seeing and the content of what we're studying in class. This project is due at the end of the last week of the course.
I take some picture from Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in kansas city , u can choose some picture from i upadate to do this course work. and the pdf is an example , u should do the course work like the explame.


Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City
Have you ever wondered why museums never a week without exhibition? Perhaps you need to find a unique aspect of such exhibitions. Art gallery in museums has uniqueness especially their screen kiosks. The pictures have didactic contents that have displays in immersive systems with cohesive mixture of sculptures and paintings that make such places good for a trip. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City is a must visit due to tremendous exhibits and special events offered in the museum. The museum presents twelve permanent exhibits features of Ancient, Africa, Chinese, Modern Photography, Design and Decorating, sculpture and Southeast Asian Art. The inclusion of the pictures from Asia and Africa in the gallery is rather an impact of trade agreements with advancement in transportation and communication which enabled artists to look for inspiration. Thus, much of the paintings are from various regions rather than Paris and USA. Exhibitions from the museum were of great interest and I had a lot of surprise to a number of pictures in the gallery and the spaces that the staff provided for all the exhibition stands.
The space in the gallery was exiting with lighting in all the five rooms. The museum has more than 1770 gallery with drawing room. The rooms have cream painting with glaze with rich shades of robin's egg. The glossy glaze reflects light with baseboards and window seat that are bark brown and flat that give a distinctive contrast. The floors have 19th century wood that gives it originality. The viewer is unable to see much of the furniture from the image. Besides, the upholstery that is red damask in deepness.
Personally, I was impressed not only by the pictures but the beautiful frames that had unusual artistry and decorations. The pictures have frames whose differences are incredible. The impr

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