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Assignment Grant Writing: Donor Recruitment Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Option 2: Donor Recruitment – Paper 
Choose a nonprofit organization that you have worked for or have knowledge of. You can also use well known nonprofit organizations, such as the Red Cross, Feed the Children, The American Cancer Society, Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or a local organization in your community. Write a three-to-four page paper discussing how a successful fundraiser would recruit and retain either major donors or institutional donors for this organization. You should support your paper with a minimum of three scholarly sources.
Your paper must also adhere to the following standards:
•Be 3-4 pages in length, excluding the title or reference pages.
•Properly cite at least three scholarly sources.
•Format your sources and response according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.
This paper is on grant writing for non-profit organization and should be in line with all instructions. 
Required sources :
•Pagnoni, L.A. (2014). Chapter 11: Taking a new approach to corporate sponsorships. The nonprofit fundraising solution: Powerful revenue strategies to take you to the next level. New York: AMACOM.
•Pagnoni, L.A. (2014). Chapter 13: Creating or advancing your planned giving program. The nonprofit fundraising solution: Powerful revenue strategies to take you to the next level. New York: AMACOM.
•Naskrent, J., & Siebelt, P. (2011). The influence of commitment, trust, satisfaction, and involvement on donor retention. Voluntas, 22(4), 757-778. doi:
•Khodakarami, F., Petersen, J. A., & Venkatesan, R. (2015). Developing donor relationships: The role of the breadth of giving. Journal of Marketing, 79(4), 77-93. doi:10.1509/jm.14.0351 
•Montgomery-Clark, S. (2015). Don't let planned-giving myths damage your future misconceptions about planned giving keep many leaders from reaping huge rewards. Nonprofit World, 33(3), 8-9.
Note :
please message me with any questions ..Lecturer is so specific about following instructions. This a Grant Writing for non-profit organization class .Thanks 


Donor Recruitment
Nonprofit organizations survive on donor funding and the essence of recruiting and retaining donors form the core requirement for survival in the nonprofit organization. The fact that raising funds for nonprofit organizations is getting more and more difficult. Most organizations invest in recruiting new donors in order to raise the much needed funds. Recruiting new donors is expensive and the overall return can be very low. It is on this backdrop that extensive retention strategies are needed in order to retain the already available donors which is not only cost effective but also provide a sure way of acquiring funds.
Making small changes and investing in donor retention strategies enables organizations to gain higher return on investment and also increases the projected value as donors may be tempted to upgrade their gifts or recommend the organization to other donors as well. One of the nonprofit that is dependent on donor funds is save the children fund. Save the children fund is an international not for profit organization headquartered London United Kingdom. The main agenda for the organization is to provide relief aid to children in developing countries.
This thesis aim to develop a strategy to best recruit and retain donors for save the children.The paper identifies tested best practice that include donor loyalty drive through strengthening of donor trust, donor commitment and donor satisfaction. And argue that in order to recruit and retain donors, organizations must observe these strategies during fundraising.
Donor recruitment strategies
Donor recruitment require properplanning which comprise of seven stages that must be followed in order to attract new donor to an organization. Donor acquisition strategy and acquisition encompasses plans and objectives which start by objective identification, then the plan move to profiling and segmentation. This allows the fundraiser to analyze the existing donor ...
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