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Drug Dealers Deserve the Capital Punishment. Speech Presentation (Speech Presentation Sample)


Hello, I need a persuasive speech about why drug dealers deserve to be sentenced to death.


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Drug Dealers Deserve the Capital Punishment
In 2016, an opioid overdose crisis claimed a staggering number of 64,000 people (Serrano). This statistics shows how serious the drug problem has worsened compared to the AIDS epidemic. Opioid overdose has contributed to the increasing numbers of deaths in the United States and reduced the overall life expectancy. Today, morgues are overflowing with countless bodies as numbers of orphaned children keep soaring at the foster care homes. Government efforts to stop this problem through the provision of rehabilitation services, high-tech solutions to curb the menace, and lawsuits targeting drug traffickers have not realized the expected results. The only solution to the problem of drugs would be to have drug traffickers, who have made money out of this business, face the harshest death penalty to save thousands of people affected by the menace.

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