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Agriculture Is The Worst Decision Ever Made By Human Beings (Essay Sample)


Jared Diamond has famously stated that “agriculture is the worst decision ever made by human beings.” Do you agree? As you either support or refute Diamond’s claim, be sure to discuss the social consequences of agriculture by including all of the benefits as well as the drawbacks.


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“Agriculture is the worst decision ever made by human beings.”
According to Jared Diamond, “agriculture is the worst decision ever made by human beings.” I fully agree with Diamond’s sentiments. Diamond’s article offers a convincing argument that leads one to question whether the human race is really better off than it was ten thousand years ago. While agriculture is the foundation upon which the human civilization is built, it is responsible for some of the biggest challenges human beings face today including diseases, social inequality, conflicts, and environmental pollution.
Agriculture brought about significant benefits as it laid the foundation of human civilization. Because of agriculture, there was more food and a larger number of people could be fed, which consequently led to an increase in population. Humans could also store food which would be consumed during environmental disruptions such as fl

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