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Reflection Learning the English Language (Essay Sample)

I will attach the guide lines Please consider that I'm a second langauge so I want easy words. Regards, Fatma source..
Learning the English Language [student`s name] [course] [professor`s name] [university] [date] Learning the English Language When I first embarked on the study of the English language, I thought it was going to be a difficult experience, seeing that I am not so young anymore. My experiences during the course made me realize that there is no such thing as impossible, if one is only willing to try. I tried really hard to follow tips provided to us and practiced every day. And through my hard work, I can say that I have done well, and that I will do better because I have learned the secret to learning. I may not sound completely like a native English speaker does on a recording, but I know that people understand me better. If I could improve so much in one semester, I am confident that by continuously speaking the language, I will become a better speaker. Moreover, I think that by improving my vocabulary of English words, I can be a more effective communicator in English. The lecture on the vocal cords opened a door for me, because I gained an understanding of my physical body and how it can help me achieve my goals. While it was mainly a segue to voicing and consonants, it helped me understand that I have to take control of my own body in order to do something as simple as pronouncing consonants. The lecture on emphasizing content words, for me, had a good introduction. It was straight to the point and made me think: "if one can emphasize and de-emphasize pictures, how does one do that in spoken language?" I would say that this is a question that I would not have dared find an answer to, seeing that I could barely speak Engli...
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