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Informative Speech Presentation on Different Phobias (Speech Presentation Sample)


Informative speech presentation on Pobias. Must be factual, can not be a perasuive speech . There has to be 3 references not just internet but books , magazines, articles . Speech it's self is not more then 10 minutes long. 
Must have an introduction, a body with three main points and a conclusion. 
I would like to discuss the who , what , where and why of Pobias
Are there some silly ones
Are ther some common ones 
What can be learned . What can you teach people about Pobias . I'm sure we all have one . What is it ?

Informative speech presentation on phobias
General purpose: To inform
Specific purpose: This speech will inform the audience about phobias, highlight the need to learn about the irrational fears and how to overcome phobias.
Attention Grabber: Everyone is afraid of something, but what about the irrational fears that associated with certain situations, places or things even when they pose no immediate danger to them.
Reason to listen: You have probably been afraid of situations that and you still are not able to overcome these fears.
Credibility statement: I have been afraid of high heights and would prefer to stay away from these situations
Thesis and main points: I will describe what phobias are, identify some common types and highlight what people can learn
Transition: Now let us look at stigma attached to phobia, how this affects suffers and irrational fears that are considered silly.
Stigma and silly phobias
There are phobias that seem silly like chiclephobia, the fear of chewing gum and eisoptrophobia, a fear of one’s own reflection.
No matter how the phobias seem, there is stigma attached to such phobias, as one is dismissed making it difficult for sufferers to disclose about their phobias (Davidson 23).
One of the challenges for phobia sufferers is that they are reluctant to come out because other people could not understand them.
Phobias can be a significant obstacle to properly functioning in the society, when even the healthcare practitioners are likely to dismiss their concerns.
How then are people to confront their irrational fears and overcome the phobias, when even professionals are quick to dismiss the effect of these phobias on a person&...
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