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Research Assignment Media Deregulation in the U.S. (Speech Presentation Sample)


Contrast the US and China's media deregulations
1. Briefly describe how the United States treats media deregulation.
2. Briefly describe how the China treats media deregulation.
3. Which country is better at deregulating the media?
4. The advantages and disadvantages of media deregulation.


Media Deregulation
Media Deregulation in the U.S
Media deregulation was achieved through the Telecommunications Act, which was signed by President Bill Clinton in 1996. The act removed almost all restrictions on the number of radio and television stations a single company could own. There were only two restrictions in the act. One, a single company could not own more than two stations in the same market. Two, a single company could not own radio and television stations that had an audience of more than 35% in the United States. The act also removed price controls on cable television programming.
Media Deregulation in China

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