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Use Of Mobile Technology To Calm Upset Children (Speech Presentation Sample)


Select an interesting, useful and meaningful informative speech in the area of digital media, develop and organize your thoughts into “ introduction, body and conclusion”. Your informative speech should contain at least four main points; which you should support with solid evidence or explanation. State your specific purpose, Central idea and main points at the beginning of your outline and speech following the format/ template;
Define topic
State Specific purpose
State Central idea
List 4 Main points
Build your topic into narrative way
1. What is the topic of your speech ? Why is it appropriate for you?
2. What is your specific purpose statement?
3. What is your central idea?
4. What methods of gaining attention do you use in the introduction?
5. What do you establish your credibility in the introduction?
6. State in full sentences the main points to be developed in the body of your speech.
7. What steps have you taken to adapt the content of your speech so it will be clear and interesting to your audience? Be specific.


Use of Mobile Technology to Calm Upset Children
When mobile phones, which were more like two-way radios than mobile phones, emerged in the 1970s, their use was majorly making calls. Mobile technology has seen major evolutions ever since. Mobile phones have shrunk from the bulky devices of the 1970s to today’s compact smartphones. Speeds have grown from the original Zero Generation to the modern 4G. Mobile phone uses have grown to incorporate sending messages, browsing the web, streaming live radio and television, data transfer, playing games, listening to music, accessing GPS navigation, among a multitude of other uses. Mobile technology is even being used to soothe upset children. Dealing with children with emotional, social, and behavioral difficulties is not a challenge to the parents only, but to the entire society. This is why this topic calls for the attention of everybody. Therefore, the effects of using mobile technology to calm upset children will be the basis of my speech. Studies have shown quite a number of negatives associated with the use of mobile technology to calm children with emotional, social, and behavioral problems, but the trend is still on the rise. This speech strives to gain the attention of all by associating the problem with all the members of the society. Reference to previous studies conducted on the topic enhances the credibility of the information presented. The language used is simple, and understandable. The use of relatable experiences makes it interesting to the audience. The use of mobile technology to calm children with emotional, social, and behavioral difficulties does more harm than good.
Being stubborn and rebellious is normal for growing children. From refusing to eat to throwing tantrums; dealing with kids can be quite the task. This is even harder in cases of children with behavioral, emotional, and social difficulties; children who respond to conditions in ways different from the normal. Sometimes the children can push one to the limit, resulting in yelling and bouts of anger. This has been shown to be counterproductive and negative towards the child growt

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