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No topic, just investigate the current impact (or possible impact for future events) of the CoVid-19 on one sport or actor in the sports industry. (Speech Presentation Sample)


This course is called Consumer Behaviour and Sports Branding. Please be careful to read the materials I uploaded and complete them as required. You need to write a speech that it will talking no more than 6 minutes, it's about impacts of the CoVid-19 on one sport or actor in the sports industry, choose one of the materials to write, I personally prefer the 'Gyms', 'Basketball', 'Cycling' or 'Olympic games', because I have no other options and do not know any actors, but if you have a better choice, please let me know. Document your chosen actor with numbers, trends, and facts as they relate to both the New Zealand and global context from reliable sources....See the materials for more details. I only have these materials now, I will inform you in time when the teacher provides more information, and if you have any questions or need more courseware please contact me. Please do your best, thank you.

No topic, just investigate the current impact (or possible impact for future events) of the CoVid-19 on one sport or actor in the sports industry. 


Covid-19 Effects on Olympic Games
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Covid-19 Effects on Olympic Games
The covid-19 pandemic disrupted sports calendars with games played behind closed doors and empty stadia to their final halt and indefinite postponement, like the Olympic Games. From BBC Sports (2020), the Tokyo Summer Olympic games initially scheduled for 2020 were postponed to 2021. This means preparations will be re-planned. Calling it off means vast sums of money will be lost beginning with Japan’s investments, loss by sponsors, and athletics. Coincidentally, it has an impact on the psychology of athletes. This analysis shows how covid-19 has influenced the Olympic Games and its stakeholders, the sponsors, and athletes.

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