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Is skateboarding an Olympic-worthy sport? Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


There can be no debate fallacy, like wrong analogy, and the need to include three types of criteria (mentioned in the requirements document). The words can be simple and clear. Don't quote too much


AP/MODR 1730M: Reasoning about Social Issues

Course Director: Hilary E. Davis, PhD

Winter 2020


Instructions for Definition Argument Essay




To apply what you have learned about language, reasoning, and definitions in Modules #1-12 in order to construct a Definition Argument.



Due Date:  11:59pm EST, Thursday, February 27th


  • Electronic copy of your essay must be uploaded to Turnitin by11:59pm EST, Thursday, February 27th

  • All assignments will be penalized  10% per day if late.  12:00am EST, Friday,  February 28th will be considered late.

  • Failure to submit your essay to Turnitin will result in a 'O' for the assignment.  

  • There is no hard copy submission of this essay, only the Turnitin submission.   

  • No assignments will be accepted by email attachment.



Grades and Feedback:  Will be available online directly on the essay you submitted to Turnitin no later than March 12th



Weight: 20% of final mark.




Write a definition argument for one of the following topics:


  1. Is skateboarding an Olympic-worthy sport

  2. Is busking (i.e. street performance) a type of honest work?

  3. Is sexting a type of pornography?




Expectations and Requirements:

  • Your essay must follow the Definition Argument Structure. (See slides for Module 12, Week 7)

  • Your essay should use 3 definition criteria and also include a counter-argument and your rebuttal to it.

  • Your essay should be proofread for spelling, grammar, and syntax and must be formatted correctly.

  • None of the fallacies we have covered should be in your arguments!

  • Please refer to the sections on Submitting Assignments & Written Assignments on the course syllabus.



Additional Instructions:

  • Essays should be 1000- 1250 words or 4 pages minimum, 5 pages maximum.

  • All essays must be typed, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins on all sides.  Font size should be 11 or 12 pt.  Please use Times Roman, Arial, or Helvetica.  Please number the pages for your paper.

  • No title page is necessary.  Please put your name, student number, and the course number & section at the top of the first page of your assignment

  • All research must be properly cited and referenced.  Please include citations in the body of your essay (either footnotes or internal citations) as well as a list of works cited at the end of your essay.  APA is the preferred style for your references and bibliography.  (MLA and Chicago Style are also acceptable.) 

  • There will be additional penalties if instructions are not followed.





Plagiarism and other misappropriation of the work of another will not be tolerated in this course.  Plagiarism is the representation of another person's ideas or writing as one's own. The most obvious form of this kind of dishonesty is the presentation of all or part of another person's published work as something one has written. However, paraphrasing another's writing without proper acknowledgement may also be considered plagiarism. It is also a violation of academic honesty to represent another's artistic or technical work or creation as one's own. Just as there are standards to which one must adhere in the preparation and publication of written works, there are standards to which one must adhere in the creation and presentation of music, drawings, designs, dance, photography and other artistic and technical works. In different forms, these constitute a theft of someone else's work. This is not to say that students should not use the work of others with the proper acknowledgement.  It is also a violation of academic honesty to forge another student’s signature on an attendance sheet.  Please see the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty at  


Is Skateboarding an Olympic-Worthy Sport?
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Is Skateboarding an Olympic-Worthy Sport?
For an extended period, skateboarding sporting activity has not been recognized in the Olympic Games. For this reason, skateboarders in different parts of the world do not have a chance to showcase their skills and compete on the world platform. For the first time in history, a limited number of skaters will participate in the 2020 Olympic Games. In particular, skateboarding is a sporting activity where an individual rides and performs different tricks on a board with wheels. Indeed, it can be considered as an art, transportation method, form of entertainment, and as a recreational activity. Besides, a sport refers to an activity where a person uses physical energy and skills to entertain or compete against others. For instance, marathoners run for miles to show their physical and mental strength long races. Similarly, skateboarders use different tricks while riding on skateboards, where they show their expertise and skills. As such, skateboarding is an Olympic-worthy sport since individuals must be highly skilled and talented at riding and performing various tricks on skateboards.

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