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Should States Display The Confederate Flag On Government Property? (Research Paper Sample)


write a research paper regarding some issue in american politics and a policy to advocate it. Include the following information: 1.What is the major issue being discussed? 2 what are the different solutions offered, or what do various sides say about the issue? 3. what position do you advocate and why? 4. at what level of government will this occur? and in what branches? 5 are there any draw backs to your decision?... The following topics are off limits: Abortion, Affordable Care Act, Same Sex Marriage, gun control, Recreational Marijuana.

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Should States Display the Confederate Flag on Government Property?
The Confederate flag was used in the Confederate States Association (CSA) as US flag is used by the US today. The Confederate States were not part of the United States of America back then. Initially, eight southern states seeded and later on four more of them joined the Confederate Association to make it 11 members of the CSA and lastly, 13 states (253). In 1961, the State Government has passed a law making it a mandatory to fly the Confederate flag on its state capitol building ground. The purpose of passing this Law was to honor the centennial of the Fort Sumter’s Civil War assault.
The proponents’ argument was that this flag serves as a significant historical symbol commemorating South Carolina State’s role in the Civil War. There are two major arguments used by supporters of these prospects. First, most of the proponents believe that the Confederate flag is a symbol of national heritage (271). They believe that by flying the flag on their soil commemorates those who sacrificed their lives for the belief they had on the course and therefore, the Confederate flag is a part of the ancestral heritage of the southern states. Other supporters argue that the flag is the right of the states and the states were fighting for freedom from tyranny and therefore they are right to fly it on their capitol grounds.
Critics oppose the idea by arguing that the Confederate flag is a political symbol advocating for racial discrimination and thus, it should be ditched following the death of 9 African Americans murdered in a church in 2015. Most critics believe that the confederate flag is racist given, as it symbolizes the southern Confederate states, a rebel group which fought the United States of America government to carry on with African slavery (264). Retaining the flag after the civil war is over, will only symbolize the White supremacists will of keeping their socio-political power while subjugating the Blacks.
The Confederate flag was adopted by the neo-Nazis, and the White supremacist hate groups who were outside the CSA to show their support to racism as well as bigotry. The flag symbolized the Jim Crow segregation laws adopted in by southern states which were similar to the Apartheids of South Africa. Putting this flag on the state house makes the government seem to condone such actions (265). Lastly, other opponents of the Confederate flag argue that it was approved by slave states, which were seeding in a bid to distinguish their banner from the Union’s Stripes and the stars as they were fighting on the battlefield. They aggressively oppose this move, and they believe this does not symbolize regionalis...
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