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Research Public Discourse About International Students (Research Paper Sample)


public discourse about international students Sociological issues do not limit citation but the source must be reliable


Public Discourse About International Students
The dynamic forces of globalization continue to drive individuals into international territories for more opportunities and better experience in work and education. The movement of post-secondary students into foreign universities and other tertiary institutions has received considerable attention. Hosts nations like the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia are now competing to attract more migrant students into their institutions. However, there is a rising concern on the rate at which the number of international students in such institutions is gradually declining. National and local studies reveal that there are several factors that result in a drop in the population of migrant students. A public discourse between sociological environments of origin and host countries is discouraging students from enrolling in international schools (Bista 86). The political and economic forces experienced today and in the near past are associated with the decline in international students.
A study conducted by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, the Institute of International Education, Association of International Educators, and the National Association for College Admission Counseling, among 77 percent of American universities and colleges concluded that the number of applications from international students is declining. A significant percentage of the responding institution reported a decline in demand from Indian and Chinese students. China and India are the leading contributors to the international student population in the United States. Both undergraduate and graduate programs are impacted by the decline in international student’s application. The study and several others conducted among spanning environments tend to agree on particular factors discouraging migrant students.
One of the frequently cited challenges relates to the prevailing political climate. Politics impact most aspects of the society, and that includes education. The United States and Britain are perfect examples of potential host countries that have recently experienced political dynamics that have contributed to declining in the number of international student applications. The election of President Donald Trump and the persistence of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union have sparked serious concerns among immigrants. Race and religion are the primary forces behind students shunning learning opportunities in Western societies (Karram 130).
The United States and the United Kingdom are now under the spell of protectionism and populism. The United States government has openly expressed discouragement of migrants into the nation, citing security issues. Migration policies adopted by the government are making it harder for potential students to earn travel and stay documents. The Middle East, Asia and the Latin America are three major regions that produce US base international students. Historically, international students from the three regions have performed well and competitively earned a position in the employment sector within the country. With the growing population among younger genera

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