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ENVSCI 101 The Hydrosphere (Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Ice, and Ground Water) (Research Paper Sample)


ENVSCI 101 will include a “Research Paper” worth 15% of your final grade. For this paper,each student will be required to choose a topic within the subject matter covered in class. It isstrongly encouraged that you utilize your knowledge of your native countries and relate thecourse subject matter to something of interest to you there. For example, if you are fromBangladesh you may choose to write a paper on how sea-level rise resulting from climate changeis impacting coastal communities. Another example would be a paper discussing the importanceof the Nakdong River to the coastal ecosystems of South Korea. Later in the semester you willbe required to develop and give a presentation on the same topic.WIKIPEDIA is NOT an acceptable source.


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Urbanization Industrialization and Climate Change in Yangtze River Region
The Yangtze River is the third longest river in the world. Stretching over 3900 miles, the river begins from the Tibetan plateau streaming into the fertile wetland and artificial flooding waterways in the East China Sea (WordWildLife.Org). The river bears major significance, especially on the rise and fall of ancient Chinese civilization. Yangtze River is also both a cultural and historical landmark since it separates North and South China. To date, the river facilitates transportation and agricultural activities that are integral to the economic, political, and social welfare of the people of China. Population growth, government projects and regional developments in China are promoting the rapid increase in urbanization and industrialization. The Yangtze region is one of the six most populated, developed, urbanized and industrialized regions in China. The process of urbanization and industrialization is contributing to climate changes in the Yangtze River region

Figure  SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1 Yangtze Region
The Yangtze river is a key economic, geographic, ecological and cultural natural feature in China. Historically, the river is known to have influenced the strategic position China’s ancient rulers. The rise and civilization of China are attributed to the ability of the river to unite both the Southern and Northern parts of China. However, history reveals that the river served as a political boundary between the two regions for almost two thousand years. The economic attributes of the Yangtze River are despicable. The river is one of the busiest central maritime transport systems in the world. In 2011, the river was estimated to handle over 40% of China’s inland freight (Chaoli, Liya and Cook 15). The Three Georges Dam Project along the river is described as one of the largest and integrative irrigation schemes in the world. Controversial and to a large extent life threatening, the dam has economically contributed to the growth of the agriculture, transportation and tourism sectors in China. The Yangtze river is also a primary source of drinking water to population river and beyond the Yangtze region. Fishing is also an economic activity attributed to the presence of the Yangtze River. Politically, the river influences government strategies to connect and integrate inland areas of the nation to coastal economic zones.
Climate change is a result of unplanned and uncontrolled urban and industrial developments. China as a country has experienced rapid urban and industrial developments in recent times. The Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration (YRD

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