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Pro Gaming: Job Description And Work Environment (Research Paper Sample)



Part of this course requires each student to write a “mesearch” or research paper focusing on a particular occupation and/or industry of interest. Think of this as an opportunity to use a significant portion of the course researching what you aspire to do after you graduate! Specifically, students will be asked to combine information from a variety of sources to provide a portrait or case study of a specific occupation including job description, work environment, work-family balance, barriers to entry, compensation, and job outlook (see next page).


Students will be required to record and transcribe interviews with two or more people currently working in the selected occupation and/or industry as well as draw upon official employment statistics (e.g., Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics), professional associations (e.g., American Business Women's Association), and both peer and non-peer reviewed sources (e.g., New York Times, Sociological Forum). Papers should be 6-10 pages single-spaced (note: tables, references, and interview transcripts included in an appendix do not count towards page limit) and properly formatted following the guidelines of your major or discipline (e.g., ASA format for Sociology majors, Chicago for Economics majors).

Papers MUST

  • Include information from interviews with 2+ individuals currently working in the selected occupation.
  • use, quote, or cite at least one concept/theory/finding from the course textbook.
  • use the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook.
  • be properly formatted according to the guidelines of your major or discipline (e.g., ASA for Sociology majors).

Pro Gaming
Job Description
Several people struggle to understand what is entailed in pro gaming. Non-pro gamers normally think that pro-gaming can be dull. Pro-gaming is often taken to mean competitive professional gaming. It is also known as eSports among the professional gamers. In pro-gaming, individuals come together to compete against each other in a game of their choice (Jensen n.p). The games can be many compared to the normal life games. Pro-gaming offers people the opportunity to compete in several games as opposed to the ones they could have been able to do in real life. They may compete individually or as a team.
Pro-gaming is not as easy as several people think. Although there is no professional qualification required to be a pro-gamer, those participating at international levels have to horn their skills by playing the game several times. They must practice to develop skills and improve them. Without the necessary training, pro-gaming can be very complex to many people. Pro-gaming is not something that is easy to do. But those who have become professionals take home huge amounts of cash. To reach that level, a lot of patience and practice is needed (Jensen n.p). Skills alone might not be enough, there needs to be determination and grit to make it in this profession.
Pro-gaming has evolved to become a professional job where people compete just like other professional sports. Most pro-gamers start by playing video games as a hobby. Thereafter, when they have come to the realization that they can be competent enough, they would often turn it into a profession where they get paid to play video games. There are leagues just as in professional sports. There are also several professional competitions that are worth millions of dollars where professional gamers get to come together and compete to beat each other.
Work Environment
Pro-gamers normally practice under a roof, normally within their bedrooms. They never have to go outdoors and they would practice under the same roof for a very long period of time. Even at competitions, they are often indoors. All that pro-gamers need are just game controllers, display screens, and power connection and they would be good to play. Pro-gamers might have to travel long distances to go to competition areas. Some of them might have to traverse long distances and travel to several countries to enter into competitions. However, some of them can just go online from the comfort of their bedrooms and compete with others online.
Pro-gamers, just like other professional athletes work irregular hours. They can work at night, during the day, on weekdays, holidays, and weekends. Pro-gamers also work by seasons and often rest when they are off-season. During the season, they might have to work for over 40 hours per week (Smurfs n.p). The seasons might take several months during when they often have to be involved in intensive training, travelling, and competition. Unlike other sports, pro-gamers can play at any time of the day, they can train when they want and they never have to worry about weather conditions.
Pro-gaming has several consequences. First, most pro-gamers are youths in their early twenties and pro-gaming can completely destroy their future. ESports career is normally very short lived and many youths never look beyond that. When the career ends, they are normally unaware of how they should proceed with the rest of their lives. Pro-gaming can also be addictive with many not knowing what to do apart from sitting in front of their screens and playing. In the end, they never even attempt to exercise this might make them lazy. They never get time to exercise to stay fit and healthy.
Currently, there are no legally fu...

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