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Research Problems With The Educational System and Cyberbullying (Research Paper Sample)


Essay #4 will be a 5-7 page research paper that presents an argument about a problem or problems with the educational system (either in the U.S., or, if you like, in another country) and concludes with at least one paragraph that posits a solution or solutions to the problem(s).
At least one source must be a book, anthology or textbook.
At least one source must be from a credible website


Cyber bullying
Page research paper that presents an argument about a problem or problems with the educational system (either in the U.S., or, if you like, in another country) and concludes with at least one paragraph that posits a solution or solutions to the problem(s). 
Before the advent of the internet bullying and victimization of school age youth was still a concern to education stakeholders, policy makers and health practitioners. In the U.S. like other countries, cyber bullying presents different challenges as some of the perpetrators are well known to the victims, but remain anonymous. Victimization affects the well-being of cyber bullying victims and this is especially their mental health. Sometimes a group of cyber bullies gang up against the victims and reveals very personal information about them. The victims are vulnerable as they interact with people who can bully them with a single click. Cyber bullying behavior and victimization has more adverse on victims when unaddressed.
Cyber bullying can occur through various platforms when there is internet access from emails, social media networks, chat rooms, instant messaging, and online platforms and to other digital technology ( The targets of cyber bullying are harassed, threatened or humiliated repeatedly, while there are gendered differences as boys tend to use ‘sexting’ while girls expose lies and rumors while revealing personal information and secrets, or excluding their peers ( Children and the youth should be made to understand that they are not fault for being targets and victims of cyber bullying
Similar to traditional bullies, the cyber bullies tend to exert power and dominance over their victims, and this may include disempowering them that they are vilified by their peers and unknown people. the threat of violence and leaking of sensitive information places the victims in a difficult position having to deal with ‘faceless’ cyber bullies. When the perpetrators have more personal information or interact with the victims they have more power to cause reputation damage as they know what the victim goes through and can manipulate them. Rather than use physical aggression, the cyber bullies may rally others to physically harm the victims and encourage use of aggression against them. This affects the psychological well-being of the victims who have to live in fear that the bullies are closely watching.
Since there are many more young active users of the internet the likelihood of cyber bullying are high, but the prevalence of student cyber bullying and victimization is not clear. When compared to school bullying, cyber bullies can post messages to a wide audience, and they can target them online at any time (Bhat 57). There is also an overlap between cyber and school bullying. This is especially for those who are different, including the non-heterosexual youths. As such, preventive measures targeting both school and cyber bullying victimization have a positive impact on the well being of the victims and offer some form of protection.
While Cyber bullying affects people in different stages of life during adolescence the lack of a positive relationship is a concern as this can result in various problems later in life. For instance, those who are exposed to cyber bullying and aggression harm their emotional, psychological and social development (Sahin, Aydina, and Sari 53). As there is increased access to mobile devices and computers, the youths are targeted through cyber bullying, and this form of violence has affected many more with education stakeholders facing a challenge as they cannot address the problem alone. More studies show that psychological symptoms and hostile feelings are factors common in cases of cyber...

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