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Immanuel Kant Philosophy: Abortion. Social Sciences. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


) Pick any of the philosophers/topics from the course that have been studied
(2) Select a small aspect of their moral philosophy that you found interesting (i.e. suffering in Buddhism, categorical imperative in Kant, etc.). Use their philosophy to address a topic in ethics, such as the death penalty, abortion, euthanasia, animal rights, etc. This will be similar to the Kant on the death penalty essay. Try to think about how the philosopher you're writing about would address an issue in ethics. Please make a clear thesis statement at the beginning of the paper, and underline this thesis statement.
(3) Go to the library online database and find 5 sources: these must be from books or electronic journals, not web sources. You are, however, permitted to use journal articles so long as they are in the library's online database.
(4) Research your topic in more detail and then write a 5-7 page paper.
Quotations should be kept to a minimum. All quotations must be in MLA style
5-7 Pages, Times New Roman, Double Spaced, 12 Point Font
Avoid long summaries
Offer your own unique thinking about an ethics topic, and use the secondary sources to elaborate on it. I would suggest reading a few good essays about the philosopher that you're writing about.
This is a major paper. It will be graded more seriously than the response papers. I will be looking for creativity, originality, independence of thinking, depth of secondary sources, and clarity in presentation.
when you will choose a topic that is easy for you, send to me so I can find book on the school library database and send to you.


Immanuel Kant Philosophy: Abortion
Immanuel Kant Philosophy: Abortion
Abortion has been a highly controversial topic in contemporary society. It is an act that occurs on a day to day basis. It is wrong to terminate a pregnancy before birth, meaning abortion creates unfair death. From Immanuel Kant's ethics, the categorical imperative designates that what should be done ought to be based upon pure reason and not individual desires. From Kant's philosophy, the moral law has no exception. Every action is only controlled by logic. Therefore, it is credible that we regard Immanuel Kant's philosophy as pro-life. Immanuel Kant never really probed into abortion, but we can still make declarations using his rules and moral claims. Human life should be regarded, and as a fetus has life; it should be thought of as a human, making abortion murder. However, why should a fetus be considered human for, unlike a child, a fetus does not have, but is developing the physical bases of agency of humanness? Also, fetuses do not display budding agency but only stimulus-response behavior and cognizance. The fetus moves, breaths, and can be discussed as a human, for it has the potential to be human. As Kant says, every human has a future, and the embryo has a future in life. In a Kantian approach, this paper, therefore, analyzes the viewpoints on abortion as a requirement for the threats posed by a pregnancy towards a person's life.

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