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Short Answer Assignment 5 Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Read “Why Abortion is Immoral” by Don Marquis
Read NPR’s “On Point” Interview with Michael Schur creator of “The Good Place” (https://www(dot)wbur(dot)org/onpoint/2020/04/09/michael-schur-kindness-in-crisis)
Read “Time For A New Black Radicalism” by Chris Lebron
Read “Dear White America” by George Yancy (https://opinionator(dot)blogs(dot)nytimes(dot)com/2015/12/24/dear-white-america/)
Answer the following questions:
1. Marquis claims that abortion is wrong for the same reason that killing adult humans is wrong. Are there any differences between the two that would justify abortion?
2. During the podcast Michael Schur suggests the best of your ability to help is all we can do. What does he say that looks like during the pandemic? Do you think most people are doing the best they can do? Do you agree with this?
3. Consider the unrest in the United States due to the many black deaths at the hands of police and systematic racism. Do you think Lebron's article is useful in considering what actions can be taken to change the system?
4. Yancy self-identifies as a “sexist”. Why did he say that and do you think that approach worked?
All references must come from the text book
Download the textbook https://dropmefiles(dot)com/29g8s


Short Answer Assignment 5
Marquis claims that abortion is wrong for the same reason that killing adult humans is wrong. Are there any differences between the two that would justify abortion?
In “A Defense of Abortion,” Judith Thomson finds that the argument against abortion is founded on the premise that a fetus is a human being (Shafer-Landau 334). This is the same premise that Don Marquis bases his argument on. Therefore, according to Marquis, killing a fetus is the same as killing an adult human. However, there are some differences between aborting and killing an adult human. First, an adult human has already gained the right to life once they were born. So, there is a major difference between killing an adult human and aborting a fetus. One has gained their right to life while the other hasn’t. Second, unlike an adult human, a fetus has no idea of the right to life. Therefore, conducting an abortion does not come anywhere close to killing an adult human. An adult human is aware that they are being robbed of their right to live while a fetus does not.

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