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Buddhist Ethics. Social Sciences. Reaction Paper. (Reaction Paper Sample)


) After watching the documentary and reading the selections from the Dhammapada, you will write a short response paper addressing a topic in Buddhist ethics. Please try to show how a Buddhist would approach one of these topics. Your response paper needs to have a clear thesis statement, which must be in the introduction. Then, I expect three paragraphs, in which you elaborate on your thesis. Please do not be too general and try to focus on your topic.
Below are some of the topics; select one:
--The Buddhist view on justice
--The Buddhist view on right and wrong/good and evil
--The Buddhist view on assisted suicide
--Buddhist ethics and the afterlife
--The Buddhist view on animal consumption (vegetarianism)
--Buddhist views on social justice
--Buddhist views on Death Penalty
--Buddhist views on abortion
(2) Select one of the above topics, and formulate a thesis concerning the topic.
(3) You will need to show how a Buddhist would address one of those ethical topics based on the documentary/reading.
(a) 3-4 pages
(b) double spaced
(c) times new roman
(d) 12 point font
(e) paper should not contain any quotes from the Dhammapada or secondary resources. You are not allowed to use secondary resources. Your entire paper will come from the documentary and reading. Use of secondary resources will result in point deductions.
#sources links for the writing


Buddhist Ethics
Institutional Affiliation
Buddhist Views on Abortion
Buddhists have given no view on abortion. However, Buddhists believe that life starts at conception and that it is a process that keeps going on. Buddhists believe that life should not be stopped but instead should be left to keep on happening. There is, however, a Buddhist Precept that says life should not be harmed in any way (Cogito, 2017). Buddhism's belief in Karma, which implies an intentional action, guides those of the religion. Therefore, Buddhists believe that abortion is an action that should not be allowed to take place as it is an adverse action on the mother and the physician that takes part in the practice.
Tibetan Buddhists believe that abortion is a practice that wastes the birth of a precious being that should have otherwise been let to flourish (YouTube, 2015). Dalai Lama, an individual who truly believes in Buddhism, believes that life is sacred and should be left to flourish, but according to the circumstance a mother is facing. According to most Buddhists, abortion is viewed negatively, but various views are tolerated among people of the faith.

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