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The Appearance of Evil in Boule de Suif. Social Sciences Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Analysize the physical & abstract appearance of the devil in the novel called “Boule de suif” and in a philosophic view, mainly surround the concept of the devil and write an argumentative essay with 8 pages or more; sources should be at least 3 from the peer review essays, you can references to the movie or interview etc.


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PHIL 1666
10th AUGUST 2018
The Appearance of Evil in Boule de Suif
Boule de Suif is a captivating novella written by Guy de Maupassant during The Franco-Prussian War. The plot of the story captures a holistic, yet fascinating view of the human society, replete with contrasting religious and individual belief systems. The story presents an archetypal ethical and religious dilemma that bedevils mankind in relating with God. These divergent perspectives are presented in form of class disparity, moral and ethical conflicts, and the effect of religiosity on the perception of evil. While her fellow travellers allowed themselves to be subordinated by their captors, Boule de Suif stood her ground. Her ultimate compromise was an act of patriotism regardless of the fact that she indeed was a prostitute. Although she offered herself to stay overnight with the German officer in exchange for her colleagues’ freedom, she is abandoned by the very people for whom she had secured freedom on the basis that they were avoiding to appear evil. Notwithstanding their skewed perception of her, it is apparent that evil perpetrated outrage without hosting physical bodies while heroes stepped up in the flesh.

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