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Causes and Potential Effects of Trade War between the US and China (Research Paper Sample)


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 18. President Trump has initiated what many are now calling a "trade war' with China and other countries, instituting heavy tariffs on imported trade goods. What are the causes and potential effects of this new policy. 


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Causes and Potential Effects of Trade War between the United States and China
For the past three decades, America and China enjoyed trade relation without any side citing unfair treatment. At least that was the case until the United States president, Donald Trump, rattled that America was getting stiffed on trade. One of the main reasons for this attitude is due to the popularized slogan that the president used in his campaign, “America first.” Recently, the US president announced tariffs of 10% on imported Aluminum and 25% on imported steel. The president believed that the move would bring back the billions of dollars that are lost each year to other countries such as Mexico and China because of the US imports more than it exports. The move has triggered a trade war that could lead to other countries to retaliate among other potential effects. This paper will outline the cause and potential effects of the trade war between the United States and other countries, particularly China.

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