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Dome in MIT architecture analysis. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


we spoke this week about Anthony's photography of architecture. For this week, please go out and take a picture of a building that you find truly captivating (or at least very interesting in some way). Upload the image to the course site and talk about why you chose this structure, why you chose the angle you did, and how do your photographic choices affect a viewer's sense of your building.
Please note: we do not assume you are professional photographers! But, we are asking you to consider how the specific point of view you chose affects the way the picture is understood.
Alternate approach to the same question:
As an alternate way of approaching this question, take two pictures of the same part of the same building, but take each picture in such a way as to reveal two very different feelings or moods or characteristics of that building, and post both images with a description.
With either question, we are asking you to consider how formal elements such as the framing and point of view, the horizontality of verticality of the visual field ("landscape" or "portrait"), the time of day, the degree of light and dark, and many other visual elements affect the way the observer understands the building you are portraying.
Your post should be two to three (well-developed) paragraphs long. You may also upload descriptive text, a YouTube link, or an MP3 file. View and comment on at least one of your classmates' posts.
( Here are pictures of building Dome I was taken)
please use the piecture to help analysis the buidling


Architectural Analysis of the Dome at MIT
Triggering emotions is one of the many purposes of architecture. As much as they can, architects try to get the observer’s attention to the associative side of the architecture rather than the abstract and diagrammatic side. Through this, they manage to create buildings that elicit a feeling of intensity, involvement and passion (Libeskind). This is the reason why people travel long distances to experience a piece of architecture. 

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