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The Lack of Transportation in Memphis, Tennessee Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Use MLA format
Use MLA citation
Use 4 academic sources or good sources like articles to explain How? why? and the background on why the transportation in Memphis is not good.
Also, Explain the funding a nd background regarding the transportation in Memphis with academic sources or articles
Use article and resources to explain how the lack of transportation effect people in Memphis and their everyday lives of trying to work , school, etc.
Explain how transportation in urban areas like New York City, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, either have better transportation. Using an academic resource or article
Use factual quotes and supporting details to support everything.
Also explain a method that can probably help Memphis , Tennessee with their transportation.
Make sure all the academic sources or articles are USED in the research paper and is CITED


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The Lack of Transportation in Memphis, Tennessee
Discussing the city of Memphis without recognizing the role it has played in the music industry would be an injustice. Memphis is considered one of the birthplaces of rock & roll and blues music (Britannica). It is the hometown of composers W. C. Handy and Elvis Presley who are still remembered to date for their role in opening Memphis to the world. Memphis is also closely associated with the Civil Rights Movement. While visiting the city in 1968 in support of the sanitation worker’s strike, Martin Luther King Jr. was killed by a sniper’s bullet on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel (History). Underlying these historic names and events is the fact that the city of Memphis’ transport system is struggling. This paper seeks to explore the problems in the transport system, causes, impact, and possible solutions for a sustainable and resilient city.
Memphis, Tennessee
The growth of Memphis as a city can be attributed to the expansion of the cotton industry in the south in the 1800s. Like many other cities across the United States, Memphis growth benefited from the advent of World War II. Scholars have argued that the city’s central location makes it a significant distribution point, and therefore, has been key in the growth of the city (Rushing 91). For instance, its international airport is the world’s second-busiest cargo airport behind Hong Kong according to the 2018 world airport traffic rankings by the Airports Council International (ACI). Further, the city remains among the country’s key inland river ports. The International Port of Memphis is the 5th largest inland port in the country spanning 15 miles along the Mississippi River (IPM).
Along the 15 miles stretch are more than 68 waterfront facilities that facilitate various commercial activities. They move products such as gravel, coarse grains, steel, coal, rock, cement, asphalt, and petroleum among others (IPM). The city also serves an agricultural area known for corn, livestock, feed grains, soybeans, hardwood, and other forest products (Britannica). Memphis boasts of being a global leader in hardwood trading (HMR), soybean processing (Shurtleff and Aoyagi 376), and cotton market (Wrenn). The city also has a manufacturing sector involved in paper products, medical equipment, and electronics (Area_Development). Therefore, Memphis is a busy city full of various economic activities that rely on an efficient transport system.
Memphis in Statistics

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