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Passing Gun Laws: Protection Of Own Lives (Research Paper Sample)


You need ro write about Passing Gun Laws. Requirements work cited.


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Passing Gun Laws
Gun advocates want to know whether Congress will pass more gun laws or not. After the deadly incident of Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, members of Congress took to social media to raise their voices and emailed condolence to the victims and their relatives. Meanwhile, they clarified that no more gun laws would be passed in the coming years. Usually, that's where things were supposed to end, but it didn't because various people shared on Twitter that if Congress doesn't pass more gun laws, the chances are that there would be restlessness and increased crime rate in every corner of the country (Spiers 10).
Passing gun laws mean Congress provides people with a chance to protect their own lives. It is not possible for us to hire bodyguards individually, and of course, we cannot afford them either. Bodyguards and police officers can only be approached and reserved by celebrities, politicians and other public figures, not by the ordinary people. It clearly means we would have to take responsibility for our own protection. While walking on the streets, going to offices or shopping malls, enjoying dinner with our families, or doing something else, we need safety and protection which is only possible with the government passes more gun laws and creates awareness among people regarding this thing (Cook 14).
There have been over 1,500 mass shootings since 2012; we hadn't forgotten about the Sandy Hook massacre when twenty students and five teachers were shot to death by gunmen in Connecticut. It is impossible for the government to provide protection or bodyguards to every person. How would we save the lives of our children and secure our future? Obviously, this is only possible when we take steps ourselves, keep our weapons with us whenever we step out of the house and are ready to face the gangsters or criminals (Sue 13).
We would have to admit that more than 20 gun laws introduced on Capitol Hill have failed to an extent. Due to their failure, there is restlessness everywhere in the country in one form or another, so there is a strong need to implement new policies as early as possible. Two bills are already in Congress regarding the same

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