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Research Paper About Is Sugaring Relationship Right / Wrong (Research Paper Sample)


The center of this research paper is sugaring relationship right or wrong?
I think it is wrong.
4 point of view:
1. It is prostitution.
2. being hurt by sugar daddy (can't control other people's feeling.)
3. What if friend and family find out (no one wants to know she did prostitution)
4. Self-contempt /lost respect (memory /conscience)
I already finished the intro part, please add the 4 main points to it and finish this research paper. If you need, feel good to revise on the part that was written.


Some guys say that you make money, and you will have beautiful girls. That's pretty much what American dream is. Some girl says that we as women are nurturers, men should provide. It's in their DNA. Nowadays, when you go to Google and type in seeking arrangements, hundreds websites will come out. And they seduce those rich single men with beautiful young girls' picture to pay for a relationship. And the phenomenon has been given a name which is sugaring (Farley,, Alb. L. Rev. 77 2013).
Sugaring a word that looks new but it contains old ideology. Seems like it brings us back to the time before the feminism movement. The time that women are not able to be independent. Today, sugaring's tide has become more and more strong. From the interviews of those sugar babies I find out that 50 percent of the sugar babies are college students. They have huge college debts. They are hesitating about their college future. And from the regular dating relationship, all they get is pregnancy scare. So they are looking for money and mentor. They are looking for the old and rich men who can teach them something. And then it is easy for them to skip a lot of steps to gain success of their life. They think it's using their resources to earn. They don't want to stand on their feet but if she can do that with one pair of Louis Vuitton, why not? After all it is also the dream of most of the modern American girl. Sugaring not only involve girls to old rich men dating, it too includes the old rich women with young boys and men too.Diss

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