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Gender stereotypes. Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Before start to write essay, you need to find two scholarly sources and write an Annotated bibliography. In this bibliography, You need to explain why you are using those scholarly sources. You need write one paragraph for each sources. We need two to three sources. and then start to write paper.
This should be 9-page research paper, double-spaced, using two scholarly sources to discuss a two films that contains gender stereotype of your choice but it can not be too old or too new. The range of the film is 1995 - 2015. Specifically, your sources should analyze possible stereotypes in your film.(gender stereotypes). For this paper, it is very important to explain the ideas of your scholarly articles clearly and thoroughly, and to explain your quotes accurately. Again, We need two scholarly articles!!
It is also important that your paper be well organized, with a strong introduction and conclusion. First, we have to explain well ideas of scholarly articles in first two paragraph.
You may also use one or more popular sources for your paper. I strongly recommend the TV and Film reviews in the New York Times. You can search the Times for your film or TV show.


Gender Stereotypes
It is essential to comprehend that the digital revolution has had a significant implication in almost every aspect of society. For instance, the production of films plays a pivotal role in changing people’s views about the world. Movies are able to sway individuals’ collective imagination and their attitudes about crucial issues related to gender, race as well as class aspects. For instance, gender stereotype is a major topic that is addressed across various movies; film characters are usually developed to portray particular messages to the audiences. Some movies have been condemned for promoting gendered stereotypes where the characters carry out the traditional preconceived roles of men and women. This paper uses scholarly articles to analyzes movies, the Wolf of Wall Street, and Legally Blonde to outline where the films have portrayed gender stereotypes.
The article, “Effects of Stereotypical Sex Role Movies on Adolescents and Emerging Adults” by Polo-Alonso asserts that sometimes movies objectify women by portraying them as sexual objects to be used by men. The article stipulates that men are also depicted as obsessed with sex. The authors have also explained that exposing content based on sexual stereotypes to the viewers may cause the target individuals to accept them through social learning. 

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