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English Language through Religion. Historical Evolution (Research Paper Sample)


It needs to be about how english changed and how religion changed with people who spoke it.


English Language Through Religion
Changes in language normally look mysterious and rather obvious at the same time. For example, there are a lot of differences in the English spoken today compared to those of the 19th century. The differences and changes lead people to ask how English changed over time and why it did change like that. There have been three major periods in the evolution of English. Between 450 and 1100 AD, it was old English. Between 1100 and 1500, it was middle English and from 1500 AD to present time, it is the modern English (Kristó 13). In this paper, I am going to look at how English changed over time and how religion changed with the people that spoke it.
Historical Evolution of the English Language
Linguistic studies show that the modern English language borrowed a lot from the Indo-European (IE). English spoken during this period was characterized by pitch stress especially for the letters l, m, and n. The letter r was also rolled and there were noun clauses used that would later on give rise to genders.

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