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Rel212 World View Chart Religion(s) Of The Week Islam Chart (Coursework Sample)


Please complete this chart as you did the other ones. It doesn't have to be extensive, please answer briefly in each section on the chart I will provide for you. Thank you in advance the chart will be attached. Below are the sources to use. Please don't use classroom
Please use these sources below:
For basic beliefs see:
For Muslim beliefs see:



This chart contains all the research you need to write the final paper for this course. If you do the research and reading on the religion(s) we study each week, and if you give yourself a good guide to the religions using this chart, you will have a good foundation for that final paper. The more information you provide for yourself with this chart, the easier it will be to write your final paper. Do not forget to provide adequate material for any in-text citations and be sure to include a reference page as well. On the left hand side of the chart are the categories and the content to be discussed.
Complete and submit the following chart. Provide citations for any source(s) you used to explain or provide examples for in your research. List in APA Style full references for any in-text citations and source(s) made in the above chart. Use full sentences and correct grammar, etc.

Student Name:


Provide your response in this column.

* State the name of the Religion being addressed in this chart.
* Please address ONLY ONE (1) religion per chart. If there is more than one religion for the week, do two charts.

The religion selected for this week is Islam. It is the second largest religion practiced in the world and its literal meaning is “peace”. The religion had its origin in the Middle East (Lipka, 2017).


Provide your response in this column.

Every religion has a cosmology/cosmogony to explain its view of the universe and the place of humans in it. Explain the cosmology/cosmogony for this week’s religion. Explain how it is manifested in the subsequent worldview that develops for that religion.

The Islam is one of the religions in the world which centers around one creator “Allah”. According to the Islamic teachings the universe was created by Allah and the purpose of all creatures in heavens and on earth is to worship Allah, follow His commands, and teaching of the last divine prophet known as the Messanger of Allah Muhamand ﷺ
The purpose of the humankind is to serve Allah follow the teachings of Muhammad ﷺ
The Islam is one of the religions which gives women equal economic and social rights, they are allowed shares in the property of their fathers, brothers, and husbands. Moreover, they are also allowed to assume combat and leadership roles in addition to facilitating their husbands. Unfortunately, the liberalism of religion has been changed by the conventional male-favored norms of different eastern cultures. Also, as believed by several Western media and public the concept of hijab is not a discriminating concept but ordered as distinguishing feature for the Muslim women (Islamic Guide, 2018). It was not only a dress code but a feature ordered to women as they are considered to be the purest women in the world.


Provide your response in this column.

In what way does this religion have a God or gods? How does this worship of deity/deities reflect the cosmology of the religion? If the religion has no God/gods, in what way does this absence reflect their cosmology?

In Islam there is only one God, Allah. The believers of Islam only worship Allah and it’s forbidden to acknowledge the presence of any other god like entity in the entire universe (Islamic Guide, 2018).


Provide your response in this column.

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