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Divine Intervention: Religion in Different Ages Religion Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Examine and analyze the role of divinity and the power of divine intervention in the Odyssey in comparison with the ways religion is perceived and interpreted in the other two works you’ve read after Homer’s epic: Canto 26 in Dante’s Inferno and Herodotus’ Histories Book 1.
As we discussed in class, the power of divinity differs in literary texts according to time periods and the manifestation of religious behavior in each of these periods. Keep in mind the transition from polytheism to monotheism (Homer - Dante), as well as the development of different polytheistic religious attitudes from Homer to Herodotus.
The best way to apply your findings and illustrate your points is to examine the impact of divine intervention (or the absence of it) in specific characters and/or events in the narratives. Part of the relationship of humanity with divinity (mortality with immortality) is the dialogue with the dead in the Homeric world, the divine judgment of heroic actions in Dante’s Christian context and the acceptance of man’s responsibility of his own actions in Herodotus’ time.
The paper should be about 3-4 pages in length and include a bibliography page. You are graded upon clarity of perspective and power of analysis, as well as grammar, structure and format. Visit all the related links that I posted early in the semester (Prepositions, Punctuation, Vebs to introduce quotes, Italics etc.) Proofread adequately prior to submission. Every detail counts.
As part of your research you are required to have at least five secondary sources. You are encouraged to use any of the related chapters of The Return of Ulysses as secondary sources.
Below please see a suggested list of sources related to your topic:
Boitani, Piero, The Shadow of Ulysses, Clarendon Press: Oxford, 1994
Finley, M. I., The World of Ulysses, New York Review Books, 1982
Hall, Edith, The Return of Ulysses, The John Hopkins University Press, 2008
Hawkes, Jacquetta, Dawn of the Gods, Random House, New York, 1968
Nortwick, Thomas van, The Unknown Odysseus, The University of Michigan Press, 2008
Romm, James, Herodotus, Yale University Press, 1998
Stanford, U. B. and Luce, J. V., The Quest for Ulysses, Phaidon 1974
Whitmarsh, Tim, Atheism in the Ancient World, Knopf, 2015
Please make sure that the essay is grammatically correct. My professor is very strict on grammar.


Divine Religion Intervention
Divine religion intervention was one of the common aspects of religion in the 16th century and different authors who lived through the century present the aspect of divine religion intervention in their waysCITATION Bea78 \p 78 \l 1033 (Bean 78). One of such authors is Herodotus who in his writings possesses what appears to be real ideas which are in both in a conscious and unconscious about the nature of the divine intervention and its relationship with history. Divine religion intervention is also presented in the poem Inferno by Dante Alighieri where we learn about the character Dante, a 35-year-old man who has become spiritually lost and he is wandering from the path to righteousness and the path of God. Divine intervention has also been presented differently in Odyssey which is one of the two Greek poems that were attributed to HomerCITATION Boi94 \p 18 \l 1033 (Boitani 18). The Odyssey is fundamental to the modern Western Cannon since it is the second oldest of the Western literature just after the IliadCITATION Whi17 \p 8 \l 1033 (Whitmarsh 8). The Odyssey informs us about a man Odysseus who begins a 10-year old journey from Troy. The name of the epic poem can be interpreted to mean an epic journey. The above texts portray divine intervention in different ways, and this paper aims to make a comparison of how religion has been portrayed differently in the texts.

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