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The Great Gatsby Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


please write one paragraph which addresses where you are in your research process. Provide your thesis and list the Internet sources you have consulted thus far. Also, include any questions or concerns you are having at this point in time
give a complete introduction to your research.
Define your thesis statement in paragraphs in which you will demonstrate:
the relationship that Jay Gatsby has with Daisy.
on what is such to base? if, does it really exist?
and what are the problems encountered?
could we talk about a real relationship?
for each idea develop given the reason that justifies it and your thesis statement.
give the source links that will help in your research. Minimum 4 sources.


Name: _________________________________________________________ Directions: This is the first written assignment for your research project. You have received the research topics for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby and have been given the opportunity to begin evaluating secondary sources. This sheet will serve as a guideline for further research and preparation of the paper. Provide the following information in the space provided: 1. Topic: _________________________________________________________ 2. Reason for Selecting Topic: ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ 3. Thesis Statement: ____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ 4. Reasons Supporting Thesis: A. ________________________________________ B. ________________________________________ C.________________________________________ D. _______________________________________ E. ________________________________________ 5. Research Questions (Questions you are asking about the topic and seeking answers from your research): A. ________________________________________________________ B. ________________________________________________________ C. ________________________________________________________ 6. Search Terms (words or phrases you are using to conduct searches for the topic): A. _______________________________________________________________ B. _______________________________________________________________ C. ________________________________________________________________ D. ________________________________________________________________ 7. Sources (list any secondary sources you have consulted while performing your search): A. ______________________________________________________________ B. ______________________________________________________________ C. ______________________________________________________________ D. ______________________________________________________________ E. ______________________________________________________________ 8. List any questions, comments, or concerns you have regarding this research assignment that require further assistance. A. __________________________________________________________________ B. __________________________________________________________________ C. __________________________________________________________________ D. __________________________________________________________________


Subject and Section:
Professor's Name:
Date Submitted:
The Great Gatsby, a classic story of passion and romance between two lovers named Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, who have parted and then were reunited, after five years. In those five years apart, there were already many changes that had happened which will also affect the present relationship that they have. In this paper, I will be discussing that the love between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan is based on an illusion.
Daisy Buchanan is miserable in her marriage with Tom, who is a philanderer. This puts Daisy in a vulnerable position when she is reunited with Gatsby, who has planned on winning her back. With the passion and efforts of Gatsby, they have rekindled their relationship with an affair. The life that Daisy has is very much far from the reality due to the old money status that she has. There is no need for any material wealth because Daisy is already living the American Dream when viewed from the outside, but the lack of affection and passion from Tom can be given by Gatsby (Wulick). This is not to say that Daisy does not love Gatsby, but as she said in the last parts of the story that he loves both Tom and Gatsby ("Research Guide").

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