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Criminal Justice Law Research Paper Research Coursework (Research Paper Sample)


Criminal Justice System (CRJS) Essay:
Overview: In this essay, you will address an issue within the criminal justice system and propose a plan
to resolve or reduce the negative impacts of that issue.
Prompt: Identify an issue within the criminal justice system to write about: people with mental illness, drug offenders, juvenile offenders, school to prison pipeline, mass incarcerations, prisons for profit, race and the criminal justice system, death penalty, or another issue not listed here. (Your topic must be approved by the instructor in the Week 3 Discussion Post.)
1. Explain the issue and support it with evidence:
a. Research in the form of data to show the impact of the problem on the
b. Research in the form of individual stories and examples to show how individuals are
affected by the issue
2. Identify a plan for improvement or solution of the identified problem. Consider the following
questions as you form your plan:
a. How would the plan work?
b. How long would it take?
c. Who would be in charge of implementing and monitoring the plan?
d. How would you determine if it’s successful?
e. How will the plan help to reduce or solve the issue?
f. What are the potential downsides? (What might others argue about your plan that is
faulty or won’t work?)
3. Consider researching innovative methods attempted by other states or countries as support for
your plan
Audience: Write for an audience that is not in this class. That means you’ll need to spend some time summarizing key ideas, defining any terms that might be unfamiliar, choosing short quotes from the reading selections to help your reader get a sense of the authors’ arguments.
Length: 3-4 pages (750-1000) words
 Use the Essay Structure resource, along with the strategies from the LUMEN Resource modules to guide your essay structure and organization.
 Include an original title (not "Unit Two Essay" or “Education Essay")
 Use MLA 8th edition documentation style to format your essay
 Compose a thesis statement that expresses your response to one of the prompt questions
 Organize the essay so that each body paragraph is providing support for your thesis (use “Essay
Structure” resource and LUMEN modules for guidance)
 Integrate at least TWO of the assigned readings as evidence to support your opinions
 Research and integrate at least TWO additional sources from the CCBC Database (“Opposing
Viewpoints” is a good starting place”
 Cite all sources using MLA style in-text citations
 Include an MLA style Works Cited page at the end of the essay (not included in 3-4 pages of text)


Institution Affiliation:
Drug Offenders Issue
The proportion of drug offenders globally increased in jails and custody. The criminal justice system identifies drug offenders to be associated with a wide range of criminal activities. These activities include; drug misuse, drug importation, drug peddling, supply offences, production offenses, and profession offenses. Drug offenders have contributed negatively to social behavior through misconduct. An improvement plan would be recommended for solution provision purposes. Remedies such as counselling through mental illness clinics would be helpful for mental health, and drug offenders go hand-in-hand, effectively dealing with peer pressure and examining and educating the public about risk factors that can offer a chance for behavioral change.
D'Urso et al. are of the idea that cases such as property destruction, injuries, poor living standards, and deprivation of childcare and generally worse or no healthcare to innocent citizens contributed towards undesirable living conditions (419). Drug abuse costs everyone by the use of money and leads to an individual economic crisis. States that encourage drug deals have more rape cases, theft issues and uncontrollable situations of mental health. According to data collected by, nearly $600 billion are consumed over drugs. Annual deaths caused by drug abuse sum up to 11.8 million. Consequences of drug offenders are accrued at a higher cost, a reason that should push societies and law enforcers should act accordingly.

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