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An American Legal History Law Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


American Legal history Reserach papers need to use the textbooks are listed on the syllabus.
It requires a single space that is instructed in the syllabus.


HIST 2382 Midterm Exam                       Name:


  1. Short Answer

Give your best answer to the following questions in the space between each question.  Please use legible English and complete sentences.  10 points each.


  1. What was the ACLU’s plan for the Scopes Monkey Trial and how well did they carry it out over the course of the proceedings?



  1. On what specific issues and the respective cases in which those issues arose did the U.S. Supreme Court differ with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration’s policies?



  1. Does the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence after 1937 in “economic” matters represent a larger shift in the zeitgeist – the spirit of the times – or something else?



  1. What difficulties did the U.S. Supreme Court encounter in the overthrow of Jim Crow and how did it resolve those difficulties if at all?





  1. Long Essay

Pick one of the following and, in the space following the questions, write your answer in legible English and complete sentences.  Use all the relevant information you can from class and the readings.  Do not neglect to organize your answer. Indicate which question you chose.  60 points.


  1. What word or words best describe American legal history up to this point in the course?


  1. Does the law shape or reflect American history? Do not neglect any era.

Student’s Name
American Legal History
The United States legal system was adopted from the English common law into the federal and state level of governance after the Revolutionary War. Although the U.S legal system is a derivative of British law, it has a high divergence that is noticeable in its procedures and substances, and this is mostly related to civil law. The history of the legal system began with the pioneer 13 colonies that were under the settlers, but with time, certain practices were eliminated and replaced with those that fit the citizenry (Feinman 20). Moreover, some of the English laws that were eliminated from the U.S legal system include search warrants, and this was in accordance with the passage of the American Constitution. On the other hand, one of the laws that were inherited from the English legal system was the principle of stare decisis, a part of the common law. In this case, the common law courts can make decisions based on the precedent that was set, and they can also make laws that affect future cases. The critical analysis of American legal history will assist in understanding the origin of the legal system, reforms that have occurred over the years, and ways they affect the future judicial process.

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