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Legalizing Marijuana Research Paper #4 (Research Paper Sample)


This research is by creating a policy that benefit the country in a good way. in body paragraph 4 you should include Counterargument, Refutation, Provides sufficient and appropriate support (explanations, quotes, paraphrases, data, examples), Contains a concluding sentence The policy is to Legalize marijuana Thesis statement : Marijuana should be legalized in the country because, marijuana is better than alcohol, you cannot get addicted to marijuana, and legalizing marijuana in a country may benefits different sectors such as economy and medical use.


Legalizing Marijuana
Date of Submission
Legalizing Marijuana
The term marijuana could be elucidated as the dried stem, leaves, seeds, and flowers of the hemp plant. It is crucial to highlight that the American federal law deems it illegal for any American to possess or use Marijuana. However, Sacco and Finklea (2014) reveal that approximately 19.8 million Americans aged 12 and above reported to have used Marijuana within their last month. The authors further reveal that the number represents 7.5 percent of the American population aged 12 years and above. Comparing the statistic to the reported percentage of marijuana users (5.8 %) in 2007, the number of marijuana users is increasing. This owes to the fact that marijuana users believe the drug is not addictive and has medicinal benefits (Alford, 2014). However, critics argue that its use reduces teen educational achievement, and increases the rates of crime. Nonetheless, marijuana should be legalized in the country because it would benefit the economy, it is not addictive, has medical benefits, and is a better stress reliever than alcohol.
To begin with, legalizing Marijuana will benefit the economy by eliminating the cost of war on marijuana and increasing tax incentives to the government. Studies suggest that more than 660,000 people were arrested for marijuana related cases in 201l (Blumenauer and Plis, n.d). To add insult to injury, the same author asserts that America spends almost 5.5 billion every year to enforce the federal marijuana laws. Blumenauer and Plis (n.d) proceed to highlight that the illegality of marijuana forces its users to import the substance implying the country loses a possible source of income by illegalizing marijuana. This owes to the reality that American States that have legalized the use of Marijuana are estimated to spend close to $ 2 billion every year for importing marijuana. It follows that legalizing marijuana will benefit the country’s economy by reducing expenses and saving on the cost of importing marijuana (Ruschmann, 2013).
Fox, Armentano, and Tvert (2014) reveal that marijuana ha...
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