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The life of the children of the dust bowl era in terms of work (Research Paper Sample)


my name ashley lein
teachers name mrs. shana powell
class- history 1302.BOINT
add the date the paper is completed
children of the dust bowl
Below are some specific guidelines for the paper:
The paper must be 6 pages in length-that does not include the title page or the page listing your sources. Photographs, diagrams, and anything else that you might want to include should be added after the 6 pages and before the Bibliography page and they do not count as part of the 6 pages of the body of the paper.
The paper should be double-spaced; 14 Font. You must footnote this paper throughout the body of the paper.
The pages should be numbered.
You are required to have a title page—list the course, your name, my name, the topic, and the date submitted.
You must have at least 6 sources—primary documents are the best, but you can mix in some secondary sources. “Primary sources are immediate, first-hand accounts of a topic, from people who had a direct connection with it. Primary sources include:
Texts of laws and other original documents
Newspaper reports, by reporters who witnessed an event or who quote people who did.
Speeches, diaries, letters and interviews-what the people involved said or wrote
Survey data such as census or economic statistics
Photographs, video or audio that capture an event
Secondary sources are one step removed from primary sources, though they often quote or otherwise use primary sources. They can cover the same topic but add a layer of interpretation and analysis. Secondary sources include:
Most books about a topic
Analysis or interpretation of data
Scholarly or other articles about a topic, especially by people not
directly involved
Documentaries (though they often include photos or video portions that can be considered primary sources.”
You cannot use The American Yawp as a source. I would also prefer that you not use Wikipedia.
If you fail to complete any of the above steps, you will lose points.
Watch your grammar and spelling-utilize spell check. Also, be careful of your dates—I check those closely.
The sources for your paper and the outline for your paper must be turned in by February 18 to receive 10 points toward your overall grade for the research paper. I want to know that you have started your research and are planning your paper. The DEADLINE to submit the paper is February 21, 2020.


The life of the children of the dust bowl era in terms of work, living conditions and education
The origin of the dust bowl started in early 1930s to a continuous era of severe drought in the United States for several years. The citizens in the country and the most affected cities like Texas suffered economic losses in agriculture and labor from the scarcity existing in the markets. Consequently, the children belonging to such cities experienced various hardships including contact of air bone diseases from the bad weather conditions caused by the dust bowl. This condition prevailed for a long period, pushing most of the populations living in the affected areas to move to other places in the country. Since the citizens could not control the situation, they called for government intervention to enhance the welfare of their families and especially kids. This dust bowl affected many children in the United States through incidences like delay in their education leading to withdrawal in their emotional wellbeing, and they could no longer show the joyous moods revealed in their lives before the occurrence of the plague.

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