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McGovern, George: Abraham Lincoln Insights on Law & Society (Research Paper Sample)


Text book: Abraham Lincoln By: George S. McGovern. I am not sure if this is actually a "research" paper so I attached the instructions along with a sample paper. Please contact me if you have any questions. A little bit about my shelf so it will make it a little easier to write this paper for me, I am neutral when it comes to politics but this year I will be leaning more towards the republican party. Thanks

July 27, 2016Research Paper:
Word Count: 1200:Name:
McGovern, George. "Abraham Lincoln" Insights on Law & Society 9.2 (2009): 18-19. Academic Search Premier. Web. 27 June 2016, 192pgs
* Authors Background
McGovern Stanley George, a husband and father, politician and teacher is considered as one of the advocates for the poor people in the state of South Dakota who lived his live serving in American history. The author was born in Avon, South Dakota on the 19th of July 1922 and left for Dakota Wesleyan University where he excelled as Air force personnel in 1943. McGovern was married to Eleanor Stegeberg and had five children. As a B-24 pilot at the age of 22, George undertook 35 combat missions across Europe, an instance that saw him land his wretched planes in several instances and discharged as the Lieutenant for his expertise and achievements in the war front. After the wars, the author of this material is considered to have joined DWU where he attained his education and joined the institution as a faculty member in the discipline of political science and history.
George latter went to Northwestern University where he completed his Ph.D. in History and Theological Studies in a Seminary. George was pushed to public service, an aspect that saw him travel to towns with the aim of establishing the Southern Dakota Democratic Party that was to be a competitive party system in this state. George is considered to have lived an exceptional public life for close to 90 years, during which he adhered to the ideals of the parties he served through his thirst for knowledge and his consuming dedication in serving others. He lived his life for the primary purpose of defeating evil, an aspect that gives an example to other leaders today.[.McGovern, George. "Abraham Lincoln" Insights on Law & Society 9.2 (2009): 18-19. Academic Search Premier, pp 67]
The Organization, Writing Style and Target Audience
McGovern, George’s book "Abraham Lincoln" details a well structured organization style on its authorship. The author clearly gives a historical background in a chronological manner that depicts the bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth and Lincoln’s political ambitions that added his presidency on books as the 16th President of the U.S. George details the events that occurred since the birth of Lincoln in 1809 February 12th and his initiatives through life till he achieved his dream. The book contains eight chapters and an epilogue that enables readers to browse through its contents. On the other hand, the author of this material also incorporates notes, milestones, a selected bibliography, acknowledgement and an index in the book.
George in his article furnishes persuasive approaches with the aim of depicting his personal character, thus depicting his credibility. He inclusively incorporates the ethos in establishing his success in winning a seat in the US House of Representatives in 1956 where he served his two consecutive terms and lost his run as a Senator in 1960. In 1968, George worked in performing and enhancing the party’s rules following the nomination procedures after his run for the Democratic Party presidential nominations that resulted from the assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy’s delegates, an aspect that heightens his knowledge and relationship with the government during the times of Abraham Lincoln.
In simulating logic, the author incorporates logos by pointing out on how Lincoln ran for the state legislative seat in 1834 and was elected. George (2009) alleges that:
Lincoln pursued to study law by himself and spent every single moment reading and analyzing the rules of pr...
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