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Corporate Social Responsibility Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


Corporate Social Responsibility

Course Title
Corporate Social Responsibility
The Enron scandal is regarded as a major financial act that revealed the need for new and additional public auditing and accounting in the united Sates. It is important to note that Enron was the largest financial institution, and was considered as the most financially sound organization in the United Stated. Not only did it participate in numerous ventures associated with energy, but it also had oil and gas futures, including power plants and oil refineries (Peavler). The company was also instrumental in enhancing its image through corporate social responsibility that involved financing numerous research endeavors. Furthermore, before the government had decided to deregulate the gas and oil industry in order to enhance additional competition, companies such as Enron took advantage of the regulations and found a plausible platform to cheat. Numerous crimes and misdeeds that were committed by the management team at Enron were ongoing and extensive, and they played an instrumental role in escalating the scandal.
There were a number of individuals and organizations that were involved in the scandal. The Enron scandal was revealed to be a collision among Enron accountants, auditors at Arthur Andersen firm, and fraudulent behaviors of other external auditors. Studies have revealed that financial executives were given a huge liberty of making illegitimate financial decisions that compromised the financial systems. In addition, absence of strict regulations enabled the banking industry to make speculative business practices that contributed to the financial turmoil. The Enron Scandal was initially publici...
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