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Starting an import/export business (Research Paper Sample)

It is very clear. Please refer to the paper that will be attached and everything should be clear. The attachments are a total of fivepages. one page has the research questions (3 of them) for the assignment. In addition, the other four pages are copies of the book that has to be read to be able to understand (those copies should guide you to be able to perform the research). In other words, follow the same way as discribed in the 4 pages from the book. The options above forced me to choose certain number of resources but it is flixible based on your need 1,2,3,4, or any depending on your need. NOTE: That the attachments are not in order (Please becareful). Please get back to me to my email if you need any more clarifications. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE WORK IS NEW NOT SNAPPED. source..
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Starting an import/export business
Countries are endowed with different commodities and their demand in other countries stimulates international trade. Imports account for a large share of international trade because some commodities are much cheaper when imported, others are unavailable in the importing country while others are considered classier when exported (Africa Business Pages).
Question 1-Preliminary research on possible import/export activities in Kenya, Africa
Preliminary research is essential in covering the gaps in information about an area that has not been explored (Kim, 302). During preliminary research, the computer technology industry in Kenya captured my attention. This is because Africa is adopting computerization at a fast rate and there is a great demand for computers particularly lap top computers. Most government departments in Kenya including the judiciary and the legislature are using digital technology in their proceedings. Soon, all sectors in the country shall be running on a digital platform. Currently, the United Arab Emirates takes the lion share of the African computer imports market and the overall market turnover for this industry is estimated at US $ 1 billion annually (Africa Business Pages n.p.).
Another reason why the technology industry got my attention is because Kenya is yet to advance to the international standard of computer manufacturing and harness the capacity to develop information technology hardware and accessories. It also apparent Kenya might take a while longer before attaining technological capacity that matches the leaders in this field. This means that in the meantime, Kenya is going to satisfy its demand for computers through imports from countries such as Korea, America and the United Arab Emirates.
The industry also caught my attention due to the fact that Kenya has also installed fibre optic cable in the major towns in the country, which is increasingly being channelled to small towns at a fast rate. This is indicative of the plans to make internet connectivity more accessible throughout the country in the next decade or two. The fibre optic cable penetration in many parts of the country is a good indicator of the impending need for computers and it is a good reason to invest in computer hardware and accessories distribution. This is in anticipation of the impending increase in demand as internet connection becomes more accessible.
Question 2-Potential product, buyer and seller
Kenya is a developing country that requires ICT to propel the economy towards growth and information technology has a major role to...
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