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Business Project On X- Infiniteproject Marketing Research (Research Paper Sample)


This is a business project l. Two or three people will be in the team to create a product that is not exist in the market. We have to write the general description of the product and also the financial analysis, market target, future market prediction etc. we have already choice a product and wrote a general description of it including our basic idea and thought. What I need now is the phase two which requires more details about the products and it future market target and so on. I have the requirement in picture but I don't know how to send it to you.

5. Customer segment
Target market
Our target customers will be schools and business organizations that utilize meeting facilities. These are also the same institutions that invest heavily on the conferencing form of operations, whereby most of their working is done through meetings, seminars, trainings, workshops and such. Writing is a crucial aspect of learning within the school environment. There is actually no form of official communication that eliminates writing in its roster. It is part and parcel of the formal and informal processes of the organization. The e-writing boards will replace the traditional writing class boards. The proposed e-writing boards are not only more cost effective and environmentally friendly, but also effective in class use. The benefits that will be brought by the e-writing boards makes them be readily embraced by learning institutions.
Furthermore, e-writing boards can also be utilized in meetings, organizations that provide meeting facilities such conferencing facilities and businesses that hold regular meetings within their facilities will also form the base of the target market for our product. They are usually used in these circumstances as a method of illustration.
6. Value proposition
The e-writing boards offer an efficient, cost effective and environmental friendly opportunity to utilize in making and taking notes. The boards are way cheaper when compared to the normal class/ meeting boards as it can be shared easily using other technological devices hence the notes made are not rendered unrecoverable once erased as in the case with normal boards. Value proposition is usually an important element as it ensures that the business has a cause.
E-writing boards offer an opportunity to use environment-friendly resources unlike the use of whiteboard or blackboard that require the use of felt pen or chalk respectively. Chalk does not only emit dust making it an environmental hazard but also its production process facilitates in the pollution of the environment. Furthermore, the plastic made from felt pen also forms an environmental eyesore when not recycled. The e-writing boards do not require the use of any of the above but would utilize a technological pen that would be reused for long .On the contrary actually, these papers are even bound to deserve on the environment.
The use of the e-writing boards presents an opportunity for a simple and easy technology; that can be utilized by anyone to utilize in facilitating passage of knowledge and information to stakeholders in education and different fields. The usage of the boards is more efficient as it is not complex in its usage.
7. Features of the e-writing board
I. Minimal resources required in its utilization
One can easily utilize their fingers or any other hard object to write on the e-board. This makes the e-writing board use fewer resources when compared to other normal writing boards that will require either ink or chalk for their functionality. Furthermore, the board is designed to use minimal resources as it does not require the use of electricity while writing; though it may be required while erasing what has been written. The board does not also require the use of paper hence saving on the resource.
II. Effective in usage
The e-writing board provides an effective writing alternative that is easy to use and does not produce residues in the process of using it. The board also gives an opportunity for a facilitator to erase whatever they have written with a click of a button.
Furthermore, the e-writing board is user-friendly in that its brightness and contrast can easily be adjusted to ensure that it suits the environment in which it is being applied. The flexibility of the e-writing board enhances its reliability as it can be utiliz...
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