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Cosmology, Gravitation And Space-Time Structure (Research Paper Sample)


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The topic must be approved by me or from the list provided.
You will be expected to present your report in front of class and be involved in peer review sessions.
The topic is Cosmology, Gravitation and Space-Time Structure


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Cosmology, Gravitation and Space-Time Structure

Cosmology is the discipline that studies the origin and evolution of the universe (Stanford University). Cosmology is closely connected to astrophysics and space science. In a broader sense, cosmology is a joint enterprise by doctrine, science, and philosophy that seeks to understand what merges and is fundamental in the universe. Cosmic constituents such as the origin and existence of chemical elements. In addition, space and time is primarily a form the space of intensifying universe. Cosmology as a subject entails the study and evolution of stars and galaxies as well as the origin of life and intelligence (Stanford University). As a science, cosmology aims to assemble the cosmic jigsaw puzzle and the study (Redd). Human beings form a vital part of cosmology in exploring how the universe was formed and what exists in it.

Gravitation is the force by which a planet or other body draws object towards the central point. Planets are held around the sun by the gravity force (LAMB). Objects with greater mass have more gravity. Additionally, gravity is weakened by distance and thus the stronger the gravitation pulls on objects that are closer to each other. Gravity from the Earth is sourced from its mass. However, gravitation is caused by theories such as Newton's law of Universe, the Quantum Theory of Gravitation and the General Relativity Theory of Gravitation. The mass of an object is equal to matter in it. Gravity applies to objects near or on the surface of the earth. However, the force of gravity is described using the following formulae; F= mg, where F is the pulling force of the object towards the Universe, m is the mass or weight of the object

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