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The Effect of Melatonin Supplements on Sleep (Research Paper Sample)


Research paper for a sophomore introduction to biology course.


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Topic: Melatonin
The Effect of Melatonin Supplements on Sleep
Melatonin is deliberated as a natural hormone that plays a significant role particularly in terms of sleep. It has been observed that the production and releasing time of Melatonin in the brain is different, it rises in the evening and falls in the morning. Thus, the light specifically at night time blocks its production. It can be stated that it is the main controlling hormone of daily rhythm and has a key part in the beginning and sustaining the level of sleep. It is synthesized from serotonin and secreted by the pineal gland. The dietary supplements, particularly for melatonin, have been extensively studied for sleep disorders, for instance, jet lag, insomnia, disruptions of the clock inside the body, and several other issues with sleep among individuals who normally work in night shifts. Melatonin supplements are available in different forms such as liquids, pills and chewable. As perceived, the majority of the people intake melatonin supplements when they are suffering from insomnia, trouble facing in sleep and staying asleep (Grima, et al., p. 8).
There are few studies which state that melatonin helps with jet lag and few sleep concerns whereas, other research demonstrates that it does not help with sleeping issues. Moreover, it can be stated that studies reflect melatonin supplement helpful in terms of a sleep disorder, particularly that causes changes in sleep and wake times for those people who are blind. There have been several studies conducted with diverse perspectives and results. Few side effects of taking melatonin are that it might lead a person to daytime sleepiness, anxiety, headache, and dizziness.
Aims and objective
The key aim of this specific research paper is to identify the positive and negative effects of melatonin supplements and how short-term and long-term melatonin supplementation have different results on the value of both the life and sleep. As well as the aim is to investigate the actual results of melatonin supplements by examining the previous researches which have been conducted on the basis of a similar goal. Further, it emphasizes on examining a close connection between melatonin, sleep, and circadian rhythms. In addition, it will highlight the importance and positive impact of melatonin supplements, particularly on people with sleep disorders.
Problem statement
In the recent times, there has been a great increase considering the intake of melatonin supplements across the globe. It has been perceived that there are a number of people in different parts of the world who are suffering from a sleep disorder. This is due to a poorer quality of sleep effects in lessened functioning or extreme drowsiness.
Thesis Statement
Melatonin is prominently an important hormone found in the center of a person's brain and it plays a vital role in a natural sleep-wake cycle, thus, the supplements for melatonin promise effective results.
Research methods are considered another key component of research implementation, it is a systematic approach and it is necessary to choose appropriate research methods. There are two main methods to conduct research effectively. The main methods used most commonly are as primary research and secondary research methods. The choice of the method of investigation usually depends on the nature of the study. For this particular study, the researchers introduced a secondary research method to obtain the required data. Data is significantly obtained from previous studies. However, it should be noted that the most appropriate research method for this particular study is a secondary...

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