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Jeannette E. Brown - Organic Chemist And Historian (Research Paper Sample)


A. Out of class Assignment: Each student may complete an out of class assignment by the final class. This extra credit assignment may be submitted at any time. This assignment is worth a maximum of 30 points. Stay focused on CHEMISTRY! Choose one of the following, or another chemistry topic of your choice: (approximately 2 full pages – double-spaced)
1. Write a report on a Scientist of your choice (brownie points for a Women or non-Caucasian Scientist)!
Please find a non-caucasain women perferably a african-american women chemist.
(approximately 2 full pages – double-spaced)
Its pretty simple just anything about a female non-caucasain chemist in what she does in that field ect. A african-american women please.


Jeannette E. Brown
Jeannette E. Brown is an organic chemist and historian. Born on the 13th of May 1934 in Bronx, New York, she was the daughter of Freddie and Ada Brown. At a tender age of six, Doctor Arthur C. Logan was able to inspire Brown to pursue a career in science.
On to her academic background, Jeannette Brown was an outstanding student through and through. She finished high school in New Dorp on Staten Island. She earned her college degree from Hunter College of Bachelors’ in Science major in Chemistry. Jeannette Brown belonged to the class as one of the first two African Americans for the then new degree.
Brown later on entered University of Minnesota to pursue her post-graduate degree on organic chemistry where she also published her master’s thesis “Study of Dye and Ylide Formation in Salts of 9-(P-dimethylaminophenyl) Florence”. She was also recognized as the first African American woman to have earned a master’s degree in organic chemistry
Done with her academic pursuit, she joined a pharmaceutical company known as CIBA and landed in their research department. As a chemist, she analyzed diseases such as tuberculosis and coccidiosis, thus leading her to develop drugs to combat these diseases.
After years, she was hired by Merck & Co. Research Laboratories to further pursue her work on synthesizing chemical compounds which were tested as potential drugs. Other than her career in Merck & Co., she received another respons

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