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How African Affected the religion in United States (America religion) (Research Paper Sample)

5 page essay Chicago style. It about how African Affected the religion in United States. My essay should be written analytically not descriptively. It should explain why it happened. My essay needs a introduction, preferably a page that includes the theses. A body that explains the theses analytically and a conclusion. I need 5 sources, 3 of which have to be academic books or peer reviewed articles and the rest could be credible scholarly websites. Also I need footnotes. source..

America Religion
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Religion for African Americans began as a result of hundreds of years they spent in slavery and undue prejudice and discrimination. Many of the people with African descent turned to Christianity to gain spiritual and social consolation as well as material gain. The church was the sole existing institution that the African Americans built, developed and managed. With passage of time the church became a channel of accessing social amenities such as schools for African American children.
One of the main contributors to African American religion was WEB Du Bois indicated that the African American Church provided a place where social interaction thrived. It was a music haven, information hub, a meeting place as well as a place where major political leaders such Martin Luther King Junior had social ties. Many African Americans found kinship ties in the church. Africans originating mainly from parts of West Africa brought in their influence to American culture leading to the development of an African American religious perspective characterized by aspects such as dancing, clapping and chants.
African American religion affected American politics during the civil rights movement and many American were been attracted to church activities. American oppression of the African Americans stimulated the African Americans to cement religion. Religion in acted as a central factor in liberation and activism. It gave African Americans the zeal to survive and rebel against slavery. African Americans influenced the protestant form of Christianity which enhanced collective political objectives. African Americans influenced religion in the United States mainly because of the many years they had been trapped in racial oppression and without civil rights.
As slaves African Americans were introduced to Christianity under a false doctrine that emphasized on respecting their masters as opposed to obedience to God. They would receive instruction on this doctrine in segregation where they would not mix with the whites in the church. They would attend services outdoors with the whites indoors and they were later on allowed to attend church in their own all black churches. This is where they were able to practice unique practices for Africans in their worship and it contributed to the rise of protestant churches such as the Baptist church. These churches became the breeding grounds for political activism against racism.
Africans also influenced religion because they desired to effect change in terms of building the self-worth of black people. They recognized that religion gave them equal social standing as the whites. They had a desire to show the other races that Christianity applies in the same way to people of all races and indicate that their intention for inclusion in the broader Christian practice where black people worshipped together with the white people. They inf...
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