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world religions (Essay Sample)

explanation: In this project you will be analyzing an aspect of American culture or mythology that has reached religious levels. using the six characteristics of religion, you are asked to think about the way in which cultural celebration, ideas, stories, or practices have muscularly stood in for subjective religions. you are then asked to communicate these ideas in a basic essay. Requirements: 1- Select one aspect of American culture: myth, ritual, doctrine and/ or sacred place, 2- do a little research on the characteristics of this aspect: History and myths, doctrines, rituals, emotions and experiences, sacred places, ethics and morals. 3-write an essay that explains the above characteristics. you are required to explain any connections between this secular phenomenon and any western or eastern religion. 4-extra consideration is given for the professionalism of the project. 5- you will be also graded on basic essay formatting and writing, so put your best foot forward. source..

In all cultures around the world, there is some form of religious system of beliefs. Most religions have a place of origin. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are known to have originated in the Middle East, Confucianism and Buddhism in the Far East, Hinduism in the Indian subcontinent, among others. However, due to globalization and migration of people from different cultures to places all over the world, these religions have been able to spread. This can also be said about the American Popular Culture. After the Industrial Revolution, people had more leisure time. This led to an increased demand for entertainment and amusement. Increased goods supplied necessitated advertising, to attract consumers. Popular culture came in handy. Popular culture encompasses entertainment, music and sports. It is spread through mass communication. Newspapers, magazines, radio, television, music, books, advertising and other means are used to spread this culture.
American popular culture has spread and transformed into levels that can only be compared to some of the largest world religions. One aspect of religion that can be seen used in pop culture is the idea of a supreme deity or gods. All religions are characterized by the existence of a supreme deity. Both Monotheistic and polytheistic religions have single or multiple deities at the top of the hierarchy respectively. In popular culture, Famous musicians, sports personalities and leaders receive attention and reverence by large sections of the masses. People view celebrities and popular personalities to almost if not the same level as gods. People want to emulate and be like these famous personalities.
Another aspect of religion that has als...
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