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The Religion Process (Essay Sample)

provide a thoughtful discussion of a topic of interest from the week's readings and videos Topic: The Religion process Book: belief and believers : {governor state university} media course study guide third edition by john k. simmons. page 22, class 3 source..
The Religion Process Name: Institution: The religion process in the human race is closely tied to the fact that, humans are inquisitive about life in general. They try to connect all aspects of life to religious understanding and faith. If there is an event such a shooting at one geographical location and a natural calamity like the hurricanes, floods and the landslides in another location, there is a tendency of people to rush into the topic with lots of religious bias. To the religious persons, the event may related to the fact that god is not happy with the human race as they are evil, while they should following his teachings. In the case of the shooting, there is the tendency to start evaluating the person involved in the shooting along the moral grounds. Morality has a way of tying in to the religious believes, such that this person will be said to be immoral and against the teachings of the gospel. Morality has nothing to do with the religious beliefs that one holds, but has more to do with the values that one abides by in life. In the same way, it should not be taken that natural calamities are tied to the fact that god is trying to punish the people, but rather the two incidences are mere occurrences (Why We Believe, 2002). Over the years humans have had the questions in their mind about the actual existence of more powerful greater than themselves. As such they base their religious beliefs on aspects that give life and the existence of all things in nature more meaning. Basically when looking at the rite of passage in a human’s life, it seems to give life a poor image. Seeing that one is born toils through a short life and then dies at old age leaving all their hard work and achievements behind, and leaves to a place they have little knowledge of.As a way of giving the rite of passage and life after death some form of meaning, seeing that humans hav...
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