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the Cold War to global (Research Paper Sample)

Weight: 20% of your final grade Length: 1000 words Due: Upon completion of Unit 4; Week 20 of the suggested study schedule Hint: Think about this assignment before you begin working through Unit 4. Instructions: Write an essay that draws on one of the three case studies discussed in Unit 4—Brazil, Germany, or Russia—and discuss the prospects of a new labour internationalism. Describe the impact of the transition from the Cold War to global capitalism on workers in the country of your choice, and use that country's experience as the basis for your conclusions on the prospect of labour internationalism. Marking Guide Content: 70% Answers the question in a clear, accurate, logical, and comprehensive manner. Where appropriate, gives examples to illustrate points being made. Format, Mechanics, and Style: 30% Where external sources are referred to, they are appropriately identified and cited according to an established academic style. Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are used correctly. Style is appropriate for a university-level course. source..
Name of Student Teacher's Name Course Date Birth of Labour Internationalism from the Cold War When did the cold war exactly end? Many people argue as what exactly ended the cold war and who specifically had caused it to end. Some say it was former President Truman while others say it was Former President Ronald Reagan (Miscamble, 2006). Whoever ended it and whatever way it ended, the transition shifted from individualized laws and nations into global capitalism. If during the world wars, literal walls and barriers were built against other countries, and in the cold war, most nations minded their own business; in the era after the cold war, nations were bridged together into international labor. Final Years of the Cold War So many events occurred during the cold war. In its last remaining years, there were a series of revolts throughout the communist parts of Europe. The revolutions however were not for the further empowerment of communism but rather its termination. This event is sometimes referred to as Fall of Nations or the Autumn of Nations (Bernard, 2001). The revolutionary wave began in Poland, followed by Hungary, and then East Germany, Bulgaria, affected further to Czechoslovakia, and Romania. The citizens of each country showed strong resistance and opposition to the communist regimes, and even physically demonstrated it by letting people through the iron curtain and ultimately breaking down the Berlin Wall. As promising and simple as it may seem but the Cold War did not end right then and there. It still took almost 3 years to finally bring it to a conclusion. However these courageous display of opposition greatly helped in the succeeding events such as the disintegration of the Soviet Union which was then composed of several peoples. These peoples finally belonged to new countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine Uzbekistan, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Although the others discontinued communism already years after the Cold War such as Albania and Yugoslavia. The latter divided into more states, and more countries followed suit in leaving communism but it was already years later from the original waves of revolution in the late 1980s and the early 1990s. Effects of the Conclusion of the Cold War With such a gigantic change in these communist countries, naturally the economy had been affected as well. The drastic change in the types of government in these several nations created a huge impact on the market, labor, and living standards as well. Some of these for...
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