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What Had Changed In The World After The Cold War? (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Need a speech presentation on What had changed in the World after the Cold War?

What Had Changed In The World After The Cold War? Name Institution What Had Changed In The World After The Cold War? The 20th century will forever remain to be a significant era in the history of the world. From the Frist World War to the Second World War, and finally the Cold War, the world seemed to have a higher appetitive for conflict and trouble. While both the First and Second World Wars shaped the world in different ways, it is the Cold War that persisted longer and threatened to tear the world to pieces. However, like all other conflicts in the world, the Cold War also came to an end. While the 1980s did promise change in the world, it was not until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 that it became apparent that the Cold War was coming to an end. Between the end of the Second World War and the end of the Cold War major changes happened in the world chief of which was the emergence of two superpowers. The US and the Soviet Union emerged as world leaders with each seeking to spread their political doctrines. Secondly, democratic ideologies also spread all over the world as empires and imperial powers fell. The third change that took place in the period between the start and end of the Cold War is the re-emergence of Japan and Germany as highly productive economies. After being destroyed by the allied forces, these two countries embarked on a rebuilding spree and managed to surpass their previous growth. The attention of the entire world was on rebuilding, and therefore, economically, the world made great leaps. Finally, it is essential also to note the impact the Cold War had on globalization. With the end of the Second World War leading to the emergence of two superpowers and two differing ideologies, the development of two factions or trading...
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